It's hard to pick a favorite Hero in Blizzard's fast-paced multiplayer shooter, since there are so many good ones to choose from – but we have some recommended Overwatch characters for beginners that will have you shooting in the right direction.


Class: Offense

Reaper definitely looks intimidating in Overwatch, but that's the point of his character, since he's a mercenary who doesn't hold back in the heat of battle. His main weapon of choice is a pair of Hellfire Shotguns that do unbelievably good damage up close and from a moderate distance away.

He can also activate a Wraith form, which makes him invulnerable to bullets and ghost-like for several seconds – a cool ability when trying to get out of a jam. You can also transport from one location to another with the Shadow Step, though it takes a few seconds from point A to point B, so make sure you take care of enemies first. Last but not least, he can regenerate health from fallen foes by performing The Reaping.

Reaper's ultimate ability is one of the best in Overwatch. Aptly named Death Blossom (someone's a fan of The Last Starfighter), he transforms into a killing machine, spinning around for several seconds and hitting everyone within range.

Soldier 76

Class: Offense

Gamers who play Overwatch with a Call of Duty frame of mind would be wise to go with Soldier 76, a vigilante who utilizes his soldier enhancement training skills over the course of battle, with a Heavy Pulse Rifle to lay waste to opponents. His rifle is capable of firing both pulse and regular fire, both of which can do a good amount of damage to enemies both up close and afar.

With special abilities, Soldier 76 packs a punch with Helix Rockets, which he can fire in one continuous burst; the ability to Sprint across the map by holding down the left shoulder button, and a Biotic Field that provides health for both Soldier and his teammates.

His ultimate ability is a Tactical Advisor that allows him to lock onto targets within range for several seconds, which is great for killing speedy enemies. Try to save this for crowded areas, so you can clear them out quickly.


Class: Defense

This peacekeeper robot is likely to be a favorite, because he's capable of delivering heavy hits mobile and stationary. His main weapon is a submachine gun that fires eight rounds per second, and while it doesn't do as much damage as other weapons in the game (like Reaper's Shotguns), it's sufficient in combat scenarios.

However, the real kicker is his ability to transform into a Sentry, which gives him a higher rate of fire via a mini-gun. The damage is decreased a bit, but the range is so good that he can mow down several enemies in his sights.

Reconfiguration between these two modes is one of Bastion's special abilities in Overwatch, but he can also self-repair if needed, healing up to 25 percent of his HP per second. It takes time to recharge, so use it sparingly.

Finally, his ultimate ability allows him to transform into a mobile tank, which lasts for eight seconds and deals damage to enemies with explosive shells. We're talking 205 damage! This is best used on groups.


Class: Tank

Then we have the mask-wearing Roadhog. While he may not be the prettiest character in Overwatch, he's a violent rebel who does significant damage to foes in close-range combat.

His main weapon is the Scrap Gun, which belts out short-range blasts of shrapnel with a shotgun-like spread. In addition, he can modify fire to shoot out shrapnel balls that explode like grenades, good for taking out rivals from long range.

Roadhog’s Take a Breather ability lets him regain 300 HP per second, although you'll have to wait eight seconds to recharge and use it again.

On top of that, he grabs onto enemies with the Chain Hook to drag them closer. There’s a six-second recharge after using it.

His ultimate ability is the Whole Hog, where he stuffs a top-loader into his Scrap Gun and fires unlimited shots for about six seconds, which can hit enemies for a good amount of damage. 

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