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Overwatch 2 Celebrates April Fool’s Day with New Ultimate Voice Lines

Soldier 76's shocking secret revealed.

by Daphne Fama

It’s April Fool’s Day (almost, anyway) and you know what that means. Overwatch 2 is slapping on the googly eyes and giving a few heroes some adjustments in the arcade. But don’t overlook the new ultimate lines.

Overwatch 2 Celebrates April Fool’s Day with New Ultimate Voice Lines

The writers over at Overwatch 2 are on a roll. Roadhog received some truly fantastic lines during the Catch-A-Mari event, proving that he has no idea who most of the heroes in Overwatch 2 are. That’s just one of the many reasons why we love the big lug.

But Overwatch 2 is celebrating April Fool’s Day with some truly ludicrous lines that prove that Widowmaker is using hacks, Sombra isn’t above a DDoS attack, and Soldier-76 has dentures. Or maybe it’s all just an April Fool’s Day joke. Either way, here are all the Ultimate voice lines listed.

All April Fool’s Day Voice Lines for Tanks in Overwatch 2

  • D.Va – Pressing Q! / Peep this POTG!
  • Doomfist – You can’t get me. (Upon flying up and becoming invulnerable) / Wheeee!
  • Junker Queen – Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut! / Everybody, look at my axe!
  • Orisa – Check yourself or wreck yourself! / Yee-haw rodeo!
  • Ramattra – Agony is grape-flavored! / You will suffer as I, Ramattra have suffered! Your torment will outlast the stars! When the universe dwindles into dust, there you will be, still suffering as I have… suffered. /
  • Reinhardt – Have a seat! / Here comes the bonk!
  • Roadhog – Everybody gets scrap! You get scrap. You get scrap. / This little piggy will run you over!
  • Sigma – The universe sings to me! (In reversed Dutch) / What are those!
  • Winston – Normal primage rage roar, followed by “Winston” at the end of the ultimate. (He will also say “Winston” every time he jumps.)
  • Wrecking Ball – Collect the little balls to win a prize. /  Behold the children of Wrecking Ball!
  • Zarya – Group hug! / Not a supernova – a Zaryanova!

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All April Fool’s Day Voice Lines for Damage in Overwatch 2

  • Ashe – Fred! I mean Bob! Do something! (Followed by “Dang it, Bob!” if Bob gets no kills) / Get in there, Fred! I mean Bob!
  • Bastion – Foghorn beep. (Followed by a disappointed beep if Bastion gets no kills)
  • Cassidy – It’s half-past six. / It’s past your bedtime. / It’s 3:24. / It’s 4:57. / It’s a country minute shy of the devil’s lunchbreak.
  • Echo – I’m better than you at (insert hero she’s copying)
  • Genji – Shing shing shing! (sword noises) / Tatakae!
  • Hanzo – Sic ‘em, boys! / Nomnomnomnomnomnom! / Who’s a good dragon? Who’s a good dragon?
  • Junkrat – Everyone stand very still! / Who’s using a tire? Not me! 
  • Mei – I’m turning on the AC! (In Mandarin) / Activating ceiling fan!
  • Pharah – Rain justices from above! (When on the ground) / Rain justices from the ground! (When in the air) / Try and shoot me! You won’t! / Hope you like rockets!
  • Reaper – Happy, happy birthday. / WheeEEeeeeEEEeeeeEEEeeee
  • Sojourn – Bye-bye, bad guys. / That starts then! What?
  • Soldier-76 – Who took my dentures? / War is a game, and I’m using cheats!
  • Sombra – Get DDoSed! / Propaganda is useless!
  • Symmetra – I am blocking you! / Superior to RGB! / This wall is incredibly lit!
  • Torbjorn – Ahem. La-va! / The floor is lava!
  • Tracer – Wuh-wuh-wuh woah! / Tag, you’re it!
  • Widowmaker – Wallhacks initialized. / Hello! I can see you! / I’m making popcorn.

All April Fool’s Day Voice Lines for Damage in Overwatch 2

  • Ana – Hope this helps! / Go get them, tiger.
  • Baptiste – Shoot through the big glowy thing! / Everybody shoot through the box! Through the box!
  • Brigitte – Mace to the mace to the mace to the face! / Face my mace. Mace to the face! 
  • Kiriko – Believe it! / Just aim for the head!
  • Lucio – Who wants a billion hit points? / Let’s get a noise violation!
  • Mercy – Do I have to? / Time to connect the dots / Moth formation, go!
  • Moira – I’ll show you “meta”! / Kamehameha! / Here’s the craic!
  • Zenyatta – You’re invincible. Now… shoot them! / Become unkillable. Some conditions may apply. / Deal with it.

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