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All of Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari Nicknames for Overwatch 2’s Heroes

The perfect team: Thunko, Gravity Frank, and Scrambles

by Daphne Fama

Overwatch 2’s latest event, Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari, features the iconic onion alien Pachimari and game show commentary by Roadhog. But fans have been quick to notice that Roadhog has quite a few… interesting names for some of the heroes. Here are all of Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari Nicknames for Overwatch 2’s Heroes.

All of Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari Nicknames for Overwatch 2’s Heroes

Justin Groot, the Senior Writer and Narrative Designer of Overwatch 2, stated in a tweet that many of these nicknames were inspired by the idea of, “What if Announcer Roadhog tries to introduce the heroes, but he doesn’t know most of their names, so he has to make stuff up?”

And while unfortunately not every hero has a nickname, Groot has stated that in the future it’s possible they’ll complete the cast.

Here are the nicknames we do have, which Roadhog announces when you select your hero.

  • Bastion – Scrambles
  • Cassidy – Cactus Bootbuckle
  • Doomfist – Large Fist
  • Genji – 500 Edges
  • Hanzo – Handbow
  • Junker Queen – Her Ladyship, the Queen
  • Junkrat – Junkrat (sigh)
  • Lucio – DJ Green
  • Mei – Princess Icicle
  • Pharah – Rocket Lady
  • Ramattra – Thunko, the Metal Man
  • Reinhardt – Bratwurst Muscles / The Bavarian Buffet
  • Roadhog – Me! Good pick
  • Sigma – Gravity Frank
  • Sojourn – Former Overwatch Acting Commander Vivian ‘Sojourn’ Chase
  • Soldier: 76 – Legs of America
  • Tracer – Pippy
  • Widowmaker – Scopetta Baguette
  • Winston – Mister Nanners / Uhhh… that’s a monkey
  • Wrecking Ball – The Champ Himself
  • Zarya – Gravity Janice

It’s an absolute delight to think that Roadhog has known these people for years and has never once learned their names. And while I’m dying to know what he’d nickname Torbjorn and D.Va, we’ll likely have to wait another year before that happens.

If you haven’t played the event yet and are on the fence if it’s worth it, check out all the challenges and prizes you can get here: All Catch-A-Mari Challenges and Rewards in Overwatch 2.

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