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Overwatch 2: All Rewards on the Season 4 Battle Pass

The amount of Star Wars references are... out of this world.

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 will soon release, and you might be wondering if it’s worth picking up. Well, I’m here to help you decide. Here are all rewards on the Overwatch 2 Season 4 Battle Pass.

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Overwatch 2: All Rewards on the Season 4 Battle Pass

Season 4 of Overwatch is meant to follow a Space Opera theme. And while it doesn’t follow it perfectly (just look at Lifeweaver, that man is a future druid if I’ve ever seen one), many of the skins and voice lines are on theme.

Screenshots courtesy of YouTuber Andrewjrt, who received early access to the Battle Pass.

  • 1. Unlock Support Hero Lightweaver, 20% XP All Season, Space Prince Lucio Skin [Premium]
  • 2.“Infinite Seer” Mercy Icon [Free]
  • 3. “No Time for Diplomacy” Reinhardt Voice Line [Premium]
  • 4. “Ambush” Highlight Intro for Reaper [Premium]
  • 5. “Streaming” Victory Pose for D.Va [Free]
  • 6. “Breaker Punch” Spray for Doomfist [Premium]
  • 7. “The Nebula” Name Card [Premium]
  • 8. “Moonwalk” Emote for Lucio [Free]
  • 9. “Drift into the void” Voice Line for Widowmaker [Premium]
  • 10. “Infinite Annihilator” Skin for Bastion [Free]
  • 11. “Bonebreaker” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 12. “Pachimartian” Souvenir [Premium]
  • 13. “Prince’s Speech” Spray for Lucio [Free]
  • 14. “Blaster” Victory Pose for Mercy [Premium]
  • 15. “Blooming Lotus” Name Card [Free]
  • 16. “Galactic Emperor” Spray for Sigma [Premium]
  • 17. “Sound Crystal” Weapon Charm [Premium]
  • 18. “An opera? In space?” Voice Line for Junker Queen [Free]
  • 19. “Phi Ta Kohon” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 20. “Extraterrestrial” Winston Skin [Premium]
  • 21. “Hackles up” Victory Pose for Kiriko [Premium]
  • 22. “Alien Friends” Spray for Winston [Free]
  • 23. “Tag Team” Highlight Intro for Ashe [Premium]
  • 24. “Big Orbital Butler” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 25. “Shush” Victory Pose for Ana [Free]
  • 26. “Holo Prince” Souvenir [Premium]
  • 27. “Watchwing” Name Card [Premium]
  • 28. “The galaxy will tremble before us!” Voice Line for Ramattra [Free]
  • 29. “Phi Ta Kon” Weapon Charm [Premium]
  • 30. “Phi Ta Khon” Skin for Lifeweaver [Premium]

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  • 31. “Space Grenade” Spray for Ashe [Free]
  • 32. “Cassia” Name Card [Premium]
  • 33. “I want a nebula to myself.” Voice Line for Roadhog [Free]
  • 34. “Alien Plant” Souvenir [Premium]
  • 35. “Levitated Rocks” Victory Pose for Sigma [Free]
  • 36. “Nebulum” Spray for Lucio [Premium]
  • 37. “Space Prince” Player Icon [Free]
  • 38. “There are many stars in the sky.” Voice Line for Symmetra [Premium]
  • 39. “Mosey” Emote for Cassidy [Free]
  • 40. “Festival” Skin for Hanzo [Premium]
  • 41. “Spacebeak” Weapon Charm [Premium]
  • 42. “Phi Ta Khon” Spray for Lifeweaver [Free]
  • 43. “Matsuri” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 44. “Dream of paradise…” Voice Line for Lifeweaver [Free]
  • 45. Unlock Lifeweaver, “Gor’ibobble” Souvenir [Free]
  • 46. “Crystal Treasure” Victory Pose for Doomfist [Premium]
  • 47. “Space Smugglers” Spray for Ashe [Premium]
  • 48. “Infinite Annihilator” Player Icon [Free]
  • 49. “Little Grib’lib” Name [Premium]
  • 50. “Intergalactic Smuggler” Skin for Ashe [Premium]
  • 51. “Intergalactic Smuggler” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 52. “Rebel Star” Spray for Doomfist [Free]
  • 53. “Warm-Up” Victory Pose for Sojourn [Premium]
  • 54. “Unlimited Power” Voice Line for Sigma [Premium]
  • 55. “Alienmari” Weapon Charm [Free]
  • 56. “Infinite Annihilator” Name Card [Free]
  • 57. “Noodle Brothers” Spray for Hanzo  [Premium]
  • 58. “March of the Turrets” Emote for Torbjorn [Free]
  • 59. “Throw a planet at me? I’ll throw it back.” Voice Line for Doomfist [Free]
  • 60. “Bonebreaker” Skin for Doomfist [Premium]
  • 61. “Watcher Rebellion” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 62. “Prepare to be boarded.” Voice Line for Soldier: 76 [Free]
  • 63. “Alien Eyeball” Weapon Charm [Premium]
  • 64. “Wanted: Bonebreaker” Spray for Doomfist [Premium]
  • 65. “Broken Planet” Name Card [Free]
  • 66. “That’s hard vacuum, baby.” Voice Line for Soldier: 76 [Premium]
  • 67. “Artillery” Highlight Intro for Bastion [Premium]
  • 68. “Infinite Vision” Spray for Mercy [Free]
  • 69. “Nocked” Victory Pose for Hanzo [Premium]
  • 70. “Infinite Seer” Skin for Mercy [Premium]
  • 71. “Infinite Empire” Player Icon [Premium]
  • 72. “Lunges” Emote for Zarya [Premium]
  • 73. “Annihilator Army” Spray for Bastion [Free]
  • 74. “Watcher Flight” Name Card [Premium]
  • 75. “Grib’lib” Weapon Charm [Free]
  • 76. “Infinitos en infinitum” Voice Line for Sigma [Premium]
  • 77. “Watcher Ship” Souvenir [Free]
  • 78. “Infinite Peace” Spray for Sigma [Premium]
  • 79. “Hard Carry” Highlight Intro for Hammond [Free]
  • 80. “Galactic Emperor” Skin for Sigma, “Galactic Emperor” Player Icon, “Emperor’s Command” Spray [Premium]

Annnnd that’s all! If you’re curious as to what else might be making its way to Season 4, be sure to check out this article which breaks down the Season 4 trailer: Overwatch 2 Season 4 Trailer Showcases Cardboard Reinhardt, Pinocchio Zenyatta… and Giant Shield Brigitte?

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