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Outlast 2 – How to Find Batteries

by Josh Hawkins

Outlast 2 is a very dark game, and we don’t just mean in terms of creepy dark. Many of the areas that you traverse are clothed in shadows, and sometimes it can be hard to see. If you want to survive the night, and escape the madness of Temple Gate, then you’re going to have to know how to find batteries in the wild. In this article we’ll teach you a few helpful ways to find batteries in Outlast 2.

How to Find Batteries

Batteries are scattered throughout the game world in Outlast 2, and players will have to keep their eyes open if they want to spot them and add them to their collection. These items are extremely important, as they allow you to power your camcorder’s night vision and sound tracking.

The easiest way to find batteries is to look for glowing white items on the ground or tables. Many times we’ve found batteries on tables inside of houses, barns, and even under old broken down sheds that are missing some of their walls. This means you’ll need to explore, if you want to stay powered up, and even if you manage to find a few batteries along the way, you should be sure to make careful use of your camcorder so that you don’t run your batteries down.

How to Make Batteries Last Longer

In order to make batteries last longer, you should prioritize use of your camcorder’s night vision and sound tracking only when absolutely needed. If you can see well enough when traveling through areas, make sure you aren’t wasting batteries by having night vision turned on. Likewise, make sure you don’t run around the entire game with your sound tracking on. This runs the battery down much quicker than the night vision does, which can leave you halfway through the game with no batteries to power your camcorder.

Thankfully there are several light sources like fires and torches set up around the game world, as the villagers themselves need to see as well. Some of these villagers will even carry flashlights, and sometimes you can make use of their light beams to see inside houses and other darker areas. If all else fails, though, be sure to activate your night vision to make sure you aren’t walking directly into a trap.

It should also be noted that enemies cannot see the light from your night vision, so you’re free to use that at any juncture of the game. Just remember to keep track of how many batteries you have, and how much juice the current battery has, and always be on the lookout for the glowing telltale signs of more batteries.

Now that you know how to spot batteries and some ways to reduce the amount of juice you use, be sure to head back over to our Outlast 2 game hub. Or, if you prefer, you can dive right into our Outlast 2 walkthrough, which will help you along your journey.