As you venture through the desert of Arizona in search of answers, you can often find specific areas that you can record using the camcorder. This article covers all recordings in Outlast 2 and help you find each and every one of these document locations in the game. We’ll be updating it as we discover new pieces of information that players should grab until we have all document locations in Outlast 2 and all recordings.

These short snippets of video will offer small pieces of insight into the world and story surrounding Outlast 2, and players should try to collect each and every one of them. Likewise, players can often find different documents strewn throughout the world, which offer clues about the cultists and people that you encounter throughout the story.

Chapter 1: Genesis

The Jane Doe Story Parts 1 and 2

These two recordings are captured during the intro of the game and cannot be missed.

The Wreckage

The first actual recording that you take can be found at the very beginning of the game, after the helicopter crashes during the intro. When you awaken as Blake Langerman, use the camcorder and hold it over the crash site to record a short snippet. You can then play it back to hear Blake’s thoughts on the crash.

The Crucified Pilot

The next recording is found further down the path, just beyond the crash site. You’ll know it when you see it, as it is the body of the pilot hanging on a tree trunk. Capture the scene and replay the video to hear Blake’s thoughts.

The Impossible Town

Players can find the next recording as they come out of the canyon just after they find the pilot’s body. Focus the camera on the chapel steeple in the distance to capture the recording.

My Dear Sweet Ellie

This first document can be found on a table inside a small house as you enter the very first village you reach in the game. Head through a screen door and look for the piece of paper next to a corpse laying on the table.

Dear Father

This document is found inside the house right next to where you spot the first man with the machete in the first part of town. Wait for him to leave, then run forward. When the door slams, knock, and then open it up to get the document.

Remembering the Lost

Look for the tragedy wall next to the building where you learn to open up windows. Focus on the dolls and pictures to grab the video recording.

Midwife’s Lament

This document is found on the altar just before the bloody manger. It’s hard to miss.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 8

Head into the barn where you first meet Marta and climb up the ladder. Once on the second story of the barn, look for the document just ahead on the floor.

Visions Come

This document can be found on the ground just after the first white light after the helicopter crash. Look for it on the ground to the left as you run towards the church in the compound.

The Compound

Pull out your camera and record the front of the church after the white light.

New Gospels, Part 1

Head inside the compound and look for this document on the dresser in the first room on the right, before you enter the basement of the church.

Val’s Secret

Head into the church basement and look for this document in the hole in the middle of the floor inside the prison. Drop down to grab it.

New Gospels, Part 2

After leaving the prison, look for this document in the room up the ladder, after you exit the trapdoor. The document is up the stairs on the desk near the picture of Knoth.

Jessica’s Suicide Note

After getting hit by another bright flash of light, head through the classroom and into the next class to find a note from Jessica on the chalkboard. Record it using your camera.


While making your way to the chapel, after Ethan is killed by Marta, climb up into Ethan’s living room and record his dead body with your camera.

Ethan’s Letter

Look on the dresser beside the bed to find this document before you leave Ethan’s house.

Crucified Heretics

You can nab this recording by using your camera on the burning heretics that are strung up just before the cornfield, after you cross the bridge.

Knoth’s Gospel, Ch. 5

Turn around from the crucified heretics and make your way to the old building on the edge of the river. Look inside to find this document.


You’ll have to be quick to nab this recording. Take off down the path between the cornfields and have your camera ready. When Marta begins dragging a body across the road in front of the gate, record it with your camera.

Letter From Husband

This document can be found just before you enter the barn. It’s halfway stashed under the door of the first house you come to after escaping the cornfield.

Val’s Journal Pt. 1

Look for this document inside the barn. Make your way to the second story using the cart and ladder, and then look for the document on the table beside the candle, just before you pull the chain and exit the barn.

Temple Gate Anima Cristi

After you leave the barn, head down the path until you spot a statue with a wooden altar in front of it. Grab this document off the altar and record it.

Dead Birds

As you’re running towards the village, another bright flash of light hits, and several birds fall from the sky. Pull your camera out at this point and record the birds on the ground.

Cavern Temple

Keep pushing towards the village until you come out into a cavern temple with a massive statue on the wall. Record it with your camera before moving on.

New Temple Gate

Keep pushing towards the village until you come out through a small slit in the rocks and can see the steeples of buildings in the distance. You can pull out your camera and record this scene.

Val’s Journal Pt. 3

Head down the path towards the village and look out for this document through the tunnel that leads to the basement. The document can be found on the desk right after you crawl through the stairs.

Letter from Val to Knoth

Head through the locked down to the first floor of the building where you found Val’s Journal Pt. 3, and make your way to the second floor. This document is on the desk by the bed.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 6

This document can be found inside the outskirts of Temple Gate. Head into the basement of the first building down the hill and look for the document in the second room that you can enter. The easiest way to find the window you need to enter is to head around the building and look for a fence you can jump over.

Val’s Journal Pt. 5

This next document can be found by heading out of the basement with Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 6. Take a left out of the window and crawl through the hole in the fence. Now, head up the alley, past the preaching woman, and look for a basement window you can crawl through on the building just ahead. Climb down, and then push the cart against the back wall out of the way to reveal a hidden area with this document.

Sundries from the Sinful World

This document is found on a table at the top of the building with the generator. Make your way to the top and grab the document before starting the generator.

Temple Gate

After riding the elevator up to Temple Gate proper, use your camera on the nearby town sign to grab this recording before moving on.

Chapter 2: Job

Road to the Old Mine

After finding yourself back in the vents in the school, keep crawling forward until you make it back into the real world and crawl out of a hole. Pull out your camera and look for the outline of an old railroad bridge in the distance. Record it to grab this entry.

Scalled Bound

Head towards the old railroad bridge and then look for a hole that you can slip into on the right side of the tracks, before you try to cross the bridge. A document and a battery can be found inside.

The Locusts

Head across the bridge until you start to see a bunch of locusts around you. Pull out your camera and record the event before it passes.

Welcome to Plague

After you fall from the bridge and drop down to the ground, look for a document next to a body near the stream that you follow the move forward. Capture it before you move on.

Sickness Here, God Bless

This recording can be found as you make your way through the land of the Scalled. Look out for a fence at the end of the path with a sign that reads Sickness Here. Pull out your camera and record it before continuing on.

Our Quarantine

Continue through the canyon after grabbing the last recording and look out for a dead body on the right side of the canyon floor. There’s a document just in front of the body that you can grab and capture.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 4

Head under the rock to where you first meet a group of the Scalled. Follow the water around until it heads off into a cave where several Scalled are trying to bathe themselves. Continue forward, climb up the path into the cave, and look for the document and a bandage at the end.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 9

Head out of the cave with the last document and up the path. Move around the left side of the path and climb into the house through the hole in the puddle at the back. Grab the document from inside.

The Hegemon

Head out of the house through the hole with the puddle where you found the last document and look for a nearby cabin with a door that you can open. Head inside and you’ll find this document on a stack of items inside, to the left of a rocking chair.

The Symblote

Head up the path to continue forward until you spot a light off through a gate. Use the Camera to record the creature you saw earlier when you fell down.

A Sickness in St. Sybil

The next recording can be found back in the school. Follow Jessica until she leads you to a room with a computer that you can read an email on. Then head out of that room and continue down the next hall until the world starts to go crazy. Pull out your camera and record the craziness to grab this recording.


After you make it through to the next school visit (not the same visit as the one with the last recording), head down the hall and look out for an office on your left. Get your camera out and head inside the office Things will start to go weird. Use the camera to record the weirdness.

Paradise Soon

The next document is found after you outrun the tongue monster in the school. After you hide in the locker, climb out of the wardrobe and look to the right to find this document on a table.

The Trap

After escaping the shallow grave that Laird and Nick put you in, turn around and face the grave so that you’re standing with it facing left and right. Now, head around the grave and pull out your camera and look for a set of barbwire strung up between two trees. Record it with your camera.

Memo to a Corpse

Head back to your grave and head the opposite way that you went to find the trap. You should spot the document on the ground nearby. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot with your Night Vision on.

Gospel of the Scalled Christ

The next document is found as you make your way out of the area into a camp. Look for the document on an altar near the campfire.

The Hanged Man

The next recording is found through the fence nearby where you found the last document. Look for a corpse hanging from a rope and record it.

I Took Yur Rope

This document is found as you continue forward trying to find a path to the mines. After you reach the house above the river, look at the crank nearby to spot a piece of cut rope. Look at a chair in that same room to find this document.

Til Death Do Us Part

The next recording is found after you get the rope and start climbing down it. Several Scalled will try to catch you, pushing Nick and Laird down in their haste. After you regain control, pull out your camera and record the grisly corpse of your latest enemy.

Roots and Branches

The next recording is found once you find yourself inside the school again. Head forward down the hall towards the flickering lights and make your way through until you reach the kitchen area of the cafeteria. Head into the cafeteria area and focus the camera on the tree painted on the wall at the end of the room. Wait for weirdness to ensue.

Chapter 3: Lamentations

Beach Heads

Continue through the game until you reach the beach of the lake. Pull our your camera and record the men buried up to their necks in the sand.

Come With These Men

After recording the beach heads, turn left and head along the shore until you reach an old boardwalk. Crawl underneath it and head to the left. Keep pushing until you spot a hole in the floor that will allow you to reach the interior of the building. Grab the document off a chair inside. Head out the door.

Old Traveler

The next document is found to the left of the old house. Head down the shore and around some rocks. You have to move into the water, so move carefully and look for an old boat moored on the edge of the lake. The document is near the sleeping bag to the left.

Distant Towers

Head up the long stairs and when you hear thunder, look to your left at the top to spot a set of towers off in the distance. Pull out your camera and record the towers.

The Enemy Waits

From the last recording, push forward and down the path until you reach an old house. Head inside through the open front door and grab this document off the table inside.


This recording is found along the shore outside the old house with the last document. Record the arrangement of rocks and limbs.

Towers of Metal

Head up the shore away from the Help sign and look out for a dead body near some trees. Continue past the body and up a path until you reach a tunnel. Inside the tunnel you’ll find this document on a bed at the end.

Dead Fish

After you have the boat, move through the lake until you hear the sound that usually comes with the white light. When dead fish rise to the surface, pull out your camera and record the scene.


Continue along the river in the boat until you see a man with a torch jump off a cliff. Once he hits the water, pull out your camera and begin to record the scene to grab this collectible.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 3

The next document is found after you are knocked off the boat and rush to shore. You have to get back to the raft. Head up the path and look to the left for a document near a log. Grab the document and record it with your camera.


Continue up the path from the last document and keep your camera ready. The next recording is found just around a corner where you have to shimmy along a ledge. Point the camera at all the dead bodies on stakes near the fire, and record it before you head back down to the raft.

They’re All Going to Laugh At You

After you arrive back in the school, climb out of the pool and head into the shower area. Record the blood pouring from the shower to grab the last collectible in Chapter 3 of Outlast 2.

Chapter 4: Judges

Rain of Blood

The first recording is found after you exit the building into the raining blood. Record it with your camera before moving on.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 13

Look for a doorway with three dead bodies around it, all hanging from hooks on the wall. Head inside the door to the left and down a set of stairs. You’ll find the document by head through the next door and around the right side of the room, behind the large wooden keg-like structures.


The next recording is found when you head to the library in the school. Interact with the computer where Blake and Jessica have been chatting and the computer screens will start to go crazy. When this happens, pull out your camera and record it.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 12

Look for a building with a door that is hanging on its side. Head inside, and make your way down a small hall on the right after you turn the first corner. This document can be found next to a dead body on a table at the end of the hall.

I Have Lots of Friends

You can find the next recording after climbing along the outside of the school. Exit the classroom and head down the hall to see several Jessica’s hanging outside. Record the scene with your camera before you continue.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 7

After finding yourself in the room with the cart, climb over the edge of the roof and head down the stairs, making your way forward in the only way that you can. The document can be found a short way down the path, after you crawl through a hole in the bottom of the wall. Look for it around to the left of the next area.

Chapter 5: Leviticus


After falling down the elevator, pull out your camera and head down the only way that you can. Continue forward, and after the elevator crashes at the end, use your camera to record the wreckage.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 11

Head through the mine tunnels and follow the track as it heads downward even more. After you see a shadow in the distance, keep pushing until you spot this document on the ground to the left of the track. Capture it with your camera before moving on.

Skinned Man

This recording can be grabbed by turning around after you capture the last document mentioned in this guide. Follow the path back to where you saw the shadow, and head the other way. Go beneath the debris in the water, and then move down the tunnel towards Lyn’s screams. Use the ladder to the left of the tunnel and climb down until you reach the bottom. Look for a skinned man near a fire on the right side of the path.

Skin Wallpaper

The next recording is found later as you journey through the mines. Look for several bodies tied to the right-hand wall of the tunnel and record it.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 14

After pushing the minecart with bones in it out of the way, head down the track and crawl under the debris. Once on the other side, keep pushing forward, and then veer off the track in front of you to find this document.

The Bone Arbor

Head back to the track after grabbing the last document and continue moving towards Lynn and the others. The scene that you need to record is found after you crawl through the rock tunnel. Once on the other side, head down the stairs and out the door at the bottom. Record the scene outside, next to the fire.

The Atheist

Players can find the next document as they continue their journey through the mines. Head down the path until you reach some water at the bottom of a short drop. Follow the water until you spot an area you can shimmy through, and move through it to reach another area with a fire. This document can be found next to the dead body at the fire.

Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 15

Keep pushing forward until you cross over the broken tracks and move deeper into the mins. This document is found near a cave-in, next to a skeleton. Grab it before moving on.

Chapter 6: Revelations

The Storm

This recording is found after you meet back up with Lynn. Head up the hill and out into the forest. Make sure you have your camera out to record the incoming storm as it picks up.

Fire in the Sky

The next recording is found after Lynn begins to have trouble with the baby. Head across the wooden bridge in front of you, and focus the camera on the massive ball of fire in the sky to grab this recording.

Dead Prophets

After Lynn has the baby and Blake awakens next to Knoth, pull out your camera and record the scene.

She will Never Die

The final recording is found as Blake walks out of the village, bearing witness to the carnage that has overtaken Temple Gate. Near the well, look at the bodies and use your camera to grab this final recording and bring your hunt for all of Outlast 2’s collectibles to an end.

We’ll continue to update this guide with more images to help you find all the collectibles. You can also check out the first part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, which will show you in-depth details about each section of the story. Or, if you’d prefer, you can return to our Outlast 2 game hub for more helpful articles.