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The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer Location

by Nicholas Barth

There is no doubt that The Outer Worlds has plenty of exciting weapons for players to use in whatever way they would like on their adventures through space. Some of the most exciting and compelling guns players can find in The Outer Worlds are the science weapons, which are all of a unique nature. Unfortunately, you need to know the exact location of these science weapons to acquire them. One of these science weapons is known as the Prismatic Hammer, and we have the location of the Prismatic Hammer covered for you right below. 

The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer Location

Players will come across the location of the Prismatic Hammer in The Outer Worlds by heading to the location of Groundbreaker. You will then need to speak with Gladys and purchase the battered Mardet datapad from her. This datapad will point you in the direction of a room on the west side of Groundbreaker. Turn left when you are between the customs checkpoint and the Groundbreaker Promenade and enter the bunk room. Climb on the bunks in this room and crouch your way into the Repair Hangar through the hole in the wall. The location of The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer will then be found past the door on your right that you can open with either Repair Hangar Keycard or your lockpicking skills. 

The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer Location

The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer science weapon utilizes various damage types depending on the player’s tech and science skills. Those who have this weapon can unleash waves of energy with power attacks, while sweeping attacks use different kinds of damage at one time. 

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