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The Outer Worlds Locked Planets – Can You Access Them?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been playing Obsidian’s latest RPG, The Outer Worlds, you’ve probably been as into the spacefaring and the exploration as the completionists on our team. And honestly, we can’t blame you. There’s just so much to take in when you’re gallivanting around the world, and you may have noticed the Outer Worlds locked planets on your map. Here’s what we know about them and our answer to the ever-important question of whether they can be accessed.

The Outer Worlds Locked Planets – Can You Access Them?

There are a number of locked planets in The Outer Worlds. When you’re viewing your space map, you may have noticed a number of planets which don’t appear to have any traversal options. Essentially, you’re not able to fly your handy little spaceship over and just stop off to explore, neither do you appear to pick up any sidequests that allow you to do so. We’ve listed the locked planets below:

  • Erydan
  • Hephaistos
  • Olympus
  • Typhon

These planets appear, as we said, on your space map. At this stage, considering the quests that we’ve seen so far as well as the lack of involvement of these planets in the main story, we can confirm that the planets are currently not accessible at all. We don’t quite know why they’re there – maybe just to flesh out the scale of the world – but it is possible that they could have been placed there as markers for future DLC. While some of the planets are undoubtedly uninhabitable and probably won’t be home to a thriving quest hub in the future, we’re almost certain that Obsidian has bigger plans on the horizon and keeping these planets in which will show up in future content could have been a clever little way to signpost that. 

Now that we’ve shared what we know with you about The Outer Worlds locked planets, you can join us as we sit on our hands, eagerly anticipating what Obsidian’s planned next for this RPG. If you need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds, check out the following guides that we’ve prepared:

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