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The Outer Worlds: How to Recruit Vicar Max

by Nicholas Barth

The Outer Worlds is filled with a wide array of unique characters. Some of these characters are known as companions and can be recruited by players to accompany them on their exciting adventures. Vicar Max is one of these companions and can be recruited to help you with your many quests. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to recruiting Vicar Max covered.

The Outer Worlds Vicar Max

Players can begin the process of adding this character to their team by speaking with him at Edgewater in the Emerald Vale. Your compansion of Parvati will recommend you talk to him during the Comes Now The Power quest.  He will be focused on obtaining a forbidden book from a collector’s home. This will begin The Illustrated Manual recruitment quest for Vicar Max. 

You will then need to the Abandoned Outpost location north of Edgewater. Make your way past the Clement Edge terminal in the building through the door and take a look at the hand terminal to read the collector’s letter. This letter will tell you that the book you are looking for is located in the cave near the Transport Wreckage point of interest on the map. It will become known as River Hideout following your discovery of it. 

The Outer Worlds Vicar Max

Finally, take the book back to Vicar Max, and you will then be able to recruit him to be your companion. 

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