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Omega Strikers – Best Goalies Ranked

Who is the best at keeping the enemy team from scoring?

One of the most important elements in any team in Omega Strikers is the Goalie. This role makes sure that the barriers that cover each of the goals in the stages are cleared while also keeping the core in play. A good Goalie will also have special awareness of the game’s developments as they go along and help the team score on the enemy goal through coordinated passes.

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But who are the best characters that perform the role of the Goalie with ease? In this article, we’ll rank the characters according to their performance as Goalies. Here are the best Goalie characters in Omega Strikers, Ranked.

Which are the Best Goalie Characters in Omega Strikers?

Much like our Forward ranking, we’ll classify the characters on their strength alone. However, this time, we’ll also include suggestions for Goalie Gear, as certain characters within this list will work much better with certain Goalie Gear. The ranking will ignore other outside factors such as player skill and Awakenings as the right build and enough dedication can make any character work.

S TierAtlas, Dubu, Luna (Eject Button), Juno (Eject Button), Vyce (Eject Button), Kai
A TierAiMi, Estelle, Asher, Kazan (Eject Button)
B TierOctavia, Drek’Ar, Rasmus, Rune, Finii, Vyce
C TierLuna, Juno, Era, Kazan
D TierX, Juliette, Zentaro

Some readers might notice the prominence of Eject Button, one of the best Goalie Gear in Omega Strikers, due to its capability to offer a mobility option to some of the characters that would benefit from it. Juno’s stage control, Vyce’s teleports, and Luna’s incredible secondary are all covered by Eject Button. Without it, their flaws become more apparent.

AiMi and Estelle have incredible control of the core thanks to their Primary and Secondary abilities. However, they still don’t come close to Kai’s incredible Core and crowd control options thanks to his abilities and special. On the lower tiers, we can see that the Goalie position is less kind to the more straightforward characters who would rather be on the field KOing enemies or taking the core to the enemy goal over being a goalkeeper.

Some readers might be surprised by the inclusion of Rune and Era in the lower tiers. The reason behind this is that, despite their kits being somewhat allowing for defensive options, they require a lot of foresight due to their cast time or Rune’s tendency to own-goal due to bad barrier placements. This, unfortunately, doesn’t translate well to good results in the Goalie role, regardless of the Goalie Gear and other outside factors.

Omega Strikers is home to a wide variety of characters that can perform well in their designed roles, be it Goalie or Forward. As such, it’s important to think about the right team composition and the best character picks for each role. You can still play whoever you like regardless of the tier placement, of course. However, this will take more practice and dedication from the characters in the lower tiers as opposed to the characters in the higher tiers.

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