Omega Strikers – Best Forward Characters Ranked

Who is the best at striking the core and getting those KOs?

Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers has evolved and brought about some new characters and even skills. However, some players might want to know which characters are the best to main and get the most effortless time scoring goals and netting wins. While the game is inherently a team game, a good character pick as a Forward will also play an essential role in the game.

As the name implies, Forward players will be on the front first and foremost, trying to score on the enemy goal and taking out other players if they get in the way. A good Forward will have complete control over the Core throughout each match and be aware of their positioning at all times. However, their character pick can also help alleviate some of the pressure. Here are the best Forward characters in Omega Strikers, ranked.

Which Characters Are the Best to Forward in Omega Strikers?

Our classification for the best characters to play Forward in Omega Strikers will look at characters at their base levels. This means that the tier list will look at characters without Awakenings / Forward Gear and ignore things such as Player skill, as any and every character can essentially work as a Forward with the correct set of Awakenings and with enough dedication.

S TierJuliette, Kazan, Vyce, Octavia, Juno, AiMi
A TierAsher, Zentaro, Estelle, Kai, Finii, Era, Rune
B TierRasmus, Dubu, X, Drek’ar
C TierLuna, Atlas

Juliette, Kazan, and Vyce are incredible characters with tremendous KO potential in Omega Strikers. As Forwards, these characters are guaranteed to help you score by taking down the opposition. Meanwhile, characters like Juno, Octavia, and AiMi have better options to control the Core while offering mobility tools that keep the offensive game going.

While Zentaro, Estelle, and Rune have some incredible mobility options, they are tricky characters in their own right and require much more skill to be played correctly. Not to mention, these characters also highly depend on Awakenings such as Timeless Creator or Super Surge to perform better. Asher, Finii, and Era are all fantastic picks for support, as they can help players keep enemies at bay or provide amplified damage.

On the lower tiers, we have characters like Rasmus and X who struggle to deal consistent damage due to their limited range (even while considering Rasmus’s unique tipper mechanic). Dubu and Drek’ar’s supportive capabilities are also quite limited compared to the characters in the higher tiers. Finally, Luna’s extremely limited mobility (barring her incredible Secondary Ability) and Atlas’s extremely defensive playstyle offer fewer options for Forward.

At the end of the day, Omega Strikers has an incredible variety of characters that serve multiple purposes. This is a team game, after all. As such, it’s important to note that working with your teammates will always net you the best results, even with the less capable characters in this tier list.

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