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Old School RuneScape Halloween 2023 Event Guide


Old School RuneScape is getting into the spooky spirit with the Halloween 2023 event. If you also participated in the 2022 event, you would quickly realize that it is the same event that has been recycled for this year. The rewards have just been slightly adjusted. Nevertheless, the event is a break from the Gielinor grind! Here is everything that you need to know about Old School RuneScape’s 2023 Halloween Event.

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How to Participate in Old School RuneScape’s 2023 Halloween Event

The Halloween event in Old School RuneScape began on October 18, 2023, and as of now has no announced end date. The event is welcoming to all player levels, and abilities. If you’re fresh off Tutorial Island, you can still come and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

Where to Start the Halloween 2023 Event

To start the event, players must head to the same location as the previous year. You will need to get to Varrock, and then look for the Costumed Child who is situated at the Great Cauldron. You can find the child by making your way to the location near the west Varrock bank.

Talk to the Costumed Child and they will give you a treat cauldron to fill with all of the goodies that you collect whilst trick-or-treating.


When talking to the Costumed Child you will be able to claim rewards from the previous Halloween OSRS events too.

How to Participate in the Halloween 2023 Event

Once you have your treat cauldron for trick-or-treating, you will need to wear three Halloween items which can be obtained by talking to the Costumed Child. Talking to them will bring up an interface with spooky items, and you can choose which ones that you wish to wear!

Once you are decked out in your Halloween finest, you will be able to trick-or-treat across Gielinor.

Where to Trick-or-Treat in the Halloween 2023 Event

There are several NPC characters that you can go and visit to trick-or-treat with. There are five NPC characters in total and each will give you 100 candies. If you visit all five, this will make up the bulk of the candy that you need to receive the event items.

NPC Trick-or-TreaterLocation
Second level of the Saradomin Church
Thessalia’s Fine Clothes 
Lumbridge GuardLumbridge
Walk slightly east after Lumbridge Home Teleport location
NedDraynor Village
Ned’s Handmade Rope
Town CrierFalador
Slightly north of the west Falador Bank

You will be able to trick-or-treat with other NPC’s too! However, they give significantly less candy (3-5) and they also have the chance of tricking the player instead. The first time that I went up to an NPC and said trick-or-treat a ghost appeared!

The below methods are all of the ways to obtain candy in the Halloween 2023 event.

  • The above-listed NPC characters which give 100 candy each.
  • Trick-or-treating men, women, as well as guards.
  • Skilling – Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting.

All Rewards Obtainable in the Halloween 2023 Event

There are multiple fun rewards that you can receive after collecting a certain amount of trick-or-treat candy and pouring it into the Great Cauldron. Below you will find the rewards for completing the event itself by getting enough candy.

Rewards on Completion of the Event by Talking to the Main Five NPC Characters

The following rewards will be received for completing the Halloween event by talking to all five NPC characters and getting 500 candy total.

RewardsHow to Obtain
Cobweb CapeCompletion of the 2023 Halloween event.
Spider Hat, including 4 variants.Completion of the 2023 Halloween event.
Trick EmoteCompletion of the 2023 Halloween event.
2 Halloween Masks and 2 PumpkinsCompletion of the 2023 Halloween event.

Rewards for Collecting and Depositing Candy Into the Great Cauldron

The following list is the amount of candy that needs to be deposited to receive the rewards from the 2023 Old School RuneScape Halloween event.


The Candy Cost for all of the below rewards are cumulative, and you will receive a new reward for every 80 candies that you deposit into the great Cauldron.

RewardsCandy Cost
Cobweb Cape80
Spider hat160
Trick emote240
Spider hat (Venenatis style)320
Spider hat (Verzik style)400
Spider hat (Sarachnis style)480
Spider hat (Old style)560
Halloween mask set (x2)640
Pumpkin (x2)720

That’s it! It won’t take you long to receive all of the items from the Halloween 2023 event in Old School RuneScape. Thankfully, they are all obtainable through organic gameplay, without having to spend an unhealthy amount of hours in-game. But, if that’s your thing, you can also work towards the long list of rewards that can be obtained via the 2023 RuneScape Halloween event.

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