How to Participate in RuneScape Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event (2023)

The Smashing Pumpkins live in Gielinor.

RuneScape Pumpkin Pete Halloween Event 2023
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RuneScape hosts an annual Halloween event, and the 2023 iteration titled ‘ Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event!’ is now underway. Players can get busy smashing pumpkins, which have gone awry thanks to Pumpkin Pete’s less-than-stellar understanding of Necromancy. This can be done at group parties or independently whilst skilling. In return, there are some spooky rewards that players can pick up – and they’re worth it! Here’s how to participate in RuneScape’s 2023 Halloween event and become king of the pumpkin patch.

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Everything To Know About RuneScape’s 2023 Halloween Event

There have been some highs and some lows when it comes to holiday events in RuneScape over the years. ‘Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event!’ has just begun, and whilst off to a rocky start, players can smash their way through a whole lot of pumpkins to eventually earn cool rewards. I’m looking at you, Orange Halloween Mask. Jagex has stated that everything can be obtained organically through gameplay, and that is true. However, some of it will take such a long time that the ease of obtaining it through microtransactions is still rather on the nose, especially after the backlash and eventual removal of Hero Pass for similar reasons. Nevertheless, we are here to smash pumpkins and smash pumpkins we will!

Where to Start the Runescape 2023 Halloween Event

To begin the ‘Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event!’ you need to visit the orange man himself in Fort Forinthy. If you are logging in for the first time since the event began, there will be a news banner that appears and offers to teleport you to Pumpkin Pete directly. Otherwise, you can find him using the following method:

  1. Open your world map, and use the Fort Forinthry Lodestone to teleport to Fort Forinthry. Enter and find him slightly to the right of the area.
  2. Teleport to Varrock and head north. Once you hit Varrock Palace, head east past the Infernal Source Dig Site and then follow the path north when it splits to get to Fort Forinthry.

Once you’ve located Pumpkin Pete, simply talk to him to begin the event.

Pumpkin Parties

Every XX:30 on the in-game clock, a Pumpkin Party will spawn at either Fort Forinthry, Draynor Village or the City of Um. You can talk to Pumpkin Pete and ask him to teleport you to the party directly, too!

The party will be three minutes long, and players will have to smash their heads in on as many pumpkins as possible. You will be rewarded for every pumpkin that you smash and also with additional Agility XP if the group overcomes the whole pumpkin plague.

There will be an in-game reminder five minutes before the party starts, which gives you plenty of time to make your way to Pumpkin Pete for a direct teleport. Or to make your way there without a little pumpkin magic.

Pumpkins When Skilling and During Combat

When interacting with the game outside of Pumpkin Parties, players will still encounter Smashing Pumpkins. You will receive rewards for defeating these oddly shaped fellows, and so it’s best to do so! You must be actively gaining experience for a chance of having a pumpkin spawn. No AFK’ing allowed here.

Pumpkin Pete’s Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Pete will definitely never max Necromancy, so you will have to help him fix his rotting head. Every day, you can interact with the Pumpkin Patch, which is conveniently located beside him, to perform a ritual to imbue his head. Doing this will reward you with some Halloween treats!

That’s basically it. This event is focused on smashing pumpkins to smithereens to earn rewards. There are plenty of rewards to obtain, and they can all be found organically through interacting with the event itself. However, microtransactions are still heavily pushed due to obtaining rewards that way being much easier. At the very least, an event such as this gives one a break from the daily grind and is a chance to have a little fun in-game.

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