RuneScape’s Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event: All Rewards Listed

Every imaginable Halloween reward that you could think of is here.

Pete RS3 Halloween Event
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RuneScape’s Halloween event for 2023 is ‘Pumpkin Pete’s Halloween Event!’ and it is filled to the brim with exciting prizes for players to earn. The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the Orange Halloween Mask, but there’s a plethora of other spooky items to get you feeling the season. Below is the official list of all obtainable rewards in RuneScape’s 2023 Halloween event.

All Possible Rewards From the 2023 RuneScape Halloween Event

Players can earn so many rewards from this year’s Halloween event. Sadly, to get them all is a rather impossible grind. Jagex has stated that they can all be achieved organically via gameplay, which is true. However, there are not enough hours in the day to complete them. You can also earn rewards via the current in-game microtransaction promotion. Nevertheless, below are all of the rewards that can be earned!

All Mask Rewards

There are four masks that you can obtain by participating in the seasonal event.

Rotten Pumpkin Mask

You will earn this mask simply by starting the quest. Pumpkin Pete will be more than happy to give you this rather unsavory mask. But at least it’s free, right?

Pumpkin Mask

You’ll upgrade your Rotten Pumpkin Mask to a glorious Pumpkin Mask by smashing pumpkins. You’ll need to smash a total of 250 pumpkins to procure the Pumpkin Mask. You can do this via both methods – finding Smashing Pumpkins when skilling or in parties.

Ensouled Pumpkin Mask

The coolest looking Pumpkin Mask on the block. No one will want to mess with you when you’ve got this mask on. Not only does it look cool, but it also provides the wearer with the following Necromancy benefit: when in T3 ritual locations, your light source will not decay. A nice benefit, to say the least!

If you’re lucky, you can find the Ensouled Pumpkin Mask whilst smashing pumpkins, or you can try your luck with the MTX Grim Harvest promotion.

Orange Halloween Mask

This is, the whole reason that I am currently participating in the event—the Orange Halloween Mask. Not only does it look fantastic, but the waves of nostalgia that it gives me, being a long-time player of the game. I absolutely need this… and I do not want to buy one from another player as my pockets aren’t that deep.

If you’re lucky you can find the Orange Halloween Mask whilst smashing pumpkins, or you can try your luck with the MTX Grim Harvest promotion.

Pumpkin Beret Override

Yes, you’re right. It’s not a mask. But it is a cosmetic item that goes on your head, and so I figured that I will list it here. The Pumpkin Beret is a cosmetic override option that has the wearer look like a trendy Pumpkin.

You can only obtain the Pumpkin Beret Override whilst participating in Pumpkin Parties.

Overhead Emotes

The event brings with it a new kind of emote – Overhead Emotes. On top of this, you will receive the first three absolutely free. Which is great, but it means there are still six more out there for you to obtain.

Heart, Thumbs Up, and Thumbs Down

You will receive the Heart, Thumbs Up, and Thumbs Down Overhead Emotes for free! As soon as you log in, you will be able to see them in your Overhead Emotes section. I wish we had the Heart one back in the day. It would have made my seventy-sixth wedding on the docks of Karamja more romantic.

Pumpkin Sob, Pumpkin Nauseous, and Pumpkin Joy

The following three emotes are all pumpkin-themed, and they can be earned by smashing pumpkins!

Necromancer Facepalm, Bone Heart, and Excited Rasial

The final three newly released Overhead Emotes are based on the Necromancy skill. You can obtain these in the following three ways.

  1. Smashing pumpkins.
  2. Randomly via the MTX Grim Harvest promotion.
  3. Utilizing the H’Oddments store.

Cosmetic Ability Scrolls

Video via the Official RuneScape Subreddit

There are two Cosmetic Ability Scrolls that can be obtained during the 2023 Halloween event. They are the Soul Dive and Soul Surge Cosmetic Ability Scrolls.

Soul Dive

Your Dive and Bladed Dive abilities will receive an updated appearance. You can find Soul Dive as a token in the following three ways:

  1. Smashing pumpkins.
  2. Randomly via the MTX Grim Harvest promotion.
  3. Utilizing the H’Oddments store.

Soul Surge

Your surge will receive an updated appearance. You can find Soul Surge as a token in the following three ways:

  1. Smashing pumpkins.
  2. Randomly via the MTX Grim Harvest promotion.
  3. Utilizing the H’Oddments store.


There are three titles that you can earn whilst participating in this year’s event.

TitleHow to Obtain
(Username)-o’-lanternObtained via smashing pumpkins.
Pumpkin (username)Can only be purchased in the H’Oddment Store.
(username) the H’oarder
(Gradiant coloured title)
Can only be purchased in the H’Oddment Store after having already unlocked the original H’oarder title.

Fort Decor

There are two different fort decor that you can obtain and utilize to spruce up your fort a little bit.

Fort Forinthry: Icthlarin Chapel

Updates the look of the windows in your chapel to idolize Icthlarin.

Fort Forinthry Pumpkin Trees

Updates the look of trees around the Fort to look like autumnal trees with pumpkins stacked at the bottom.

You can obtain these decor items by the following means:

  1. Smashing pumpkins.
  2. Utilizing the H’Oddments store.

Sweet Enhancers

Sweet Enhancers are candy that you can find during the Halloween 2023 event. These candies offer useful benefits depending on which you consume.


Jagex originally stated that after Thursday, November 9, all remaining Sweet Enhancers would be converted into H’oddments. As of October 18, 2023, they have stated that this is no longer the case.

Treat NameUseHow to Obtain
Mandrith’s Malice Mallows+5% Slayer Exp, +25% chance not to decrease Slayer count on target kill (lasts 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Mints with a Holy+25% chance to save bones and ashes offered on an altar, -33% delay between offering on an altar (last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Candy Flosseous+50% base Archaeology Precision, +100% XP from Sprite Focus buff, +1 Material at 100% Sprite Focus (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Hazelmere’s Gummy RingsGrants Tier 4 Luck whilst active, this bonus is capped at Tier 1 in free to play worlds. (Lasts 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Foam Burnt Shrimps+100% chance to spawn fire spirits whilst Firemaking, when claiming a fire spirit, gain 100% base Firemaking Xp of the log burnt to spawn it, automatically claim fire spirits when they spawn. (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Guth-stix+25% critical chance for Divination, +100% base energy when harvesting from a Divination Spring, +50% energy when converting memories to energy.  (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Gourd Gorger GobstopperSpawns a Smashing Pumpkin.H’Oddment Store
Pumpkin Powerup PuffsAutomatically smash pumpkins when they spawn. Grants 5 stacks on consumption. Consumes 1 stack per use.H’Oddment Store
Information provided by Jagex

All Possible Rewards from Smashing Pumpkins

The following rewards can be obtained from smashing Pumpkins.

ItemHow to Obtain
Ensouled Pumpkin MaskSmashing Pumpkins
Orange Hallowe’en MaskSmashing Pumpkins
Soul Dive Cosmetic ability scrollSmashing Pumpkins
Soul Surge Cosmetic ability scrollSmashing Pumpkins
Grim PumpkinSmashing Pumpkins
Overhead Emote: NecromancySmashing Pumpkins
Overhead Emote: HalloweenSmashing Pumpkins
‘o’-lantern title scrollSmashing Pumpkins
Icthlarin Chapel TokenSmashing Pumpkins
Pumpkin Trees TokenSmashing Pumpkins
Mandrith’s Malice MallowsSmashing Pumpkins
Mints with a holySmashing Pumpkins
Candy FlosseousSmashing Pumpkins
Foam Burnt ShrimpsSmashing Pumpkins
Hazelmere’s Gummy RingsSmashing Pumpkins
Guth-stixSmashing Pumpkins
Ashes x5Smashing Pumpkins
Basic Ritual Candle x4Smashing Pumpkins
Chocolate Bar x2Smashing Pumpkins
Bones x5Smashing Pumpkins
Big Bones x2Smashing Pumpkins
Weak Necroplasm x5Smashing Pumpkins
Basic Ghostly Ink x4Smashing Pumpkins
Congealed Blood x5Smashing Pumpkins
Grimy Spirit WeedSmashing Pumpkins
Information provided by Jagex

All Possible Rewards from the H’oddment Store

The following is a complete list of all items that can be purchased from the H’oddment Store using H’oddments collected during the event.

ItemH’oddment Store Cost
Ability Override: Soul Surge35000
Ability Override: Soul Dive35000
Fort Forinthry: Icthlarin Chapel1000
Fort Forinthry Pumpkin Trees1000
Pumpkin Powerup Puffs200
Gourd Gorger Gobstopper250
Medium Prismatic Star160
Medium Prismatic Lamp240
Shadow Ariane Outfit1500
Shadow Linza Outfit1500
Shadow Sir Owen Outfit1500
Shadow Ozan Outfit1500
Superhero Outfit1500
Superior Hero Outfit2500 + Superhero Outfit
Superhero Lightning Override750
Spooky Blindfold Override1500
Spooky Cape Override1500
Raven Wings Override1500
Twin Reaper Scythe Override750
Dark Flame Sword Override750
Bloody Greataxe Override750
Witchfork Override750
Cranial Cane Override750
Broodoo Wand Override375
Broodoo Skull Override375
Gruesome Grimoire Override750
Blade Bow Override750
Raven’s Kiss Shuriken Override750
Death’s Tickle Override750
Ranged Reaper Override750
Uncaged Skull Override750
Crossbone Override750
Infected Zombie Outfit2500
Decaying Zombie Outfit1500
Rotten Zombie Outfit1500
Zombie Hand Flail Override750
Zombie Spine Bow Override750
Zombie Bone Wand and Brain Orb Override Pack750
Vampyre Hunter Override Pack3500
Bat Necklace750
Count Draynor Outfit Override1500
Broom Staff Override750
Cauldron Maul Override750
Pumpkin Launcher Override750
Ghostly Revenant Outfit1500
Ghostly Spirit Hunter Outfit1500
Ghostly Reaver Outfit1500
Ghostly Lederhosen Outfit1500
Ghostly Builder Outfit1500
Ghostly Clown Outfit1500
Ghostly Ringmaster Outfit1500
Ghostly Chicken Outfit1500
Ghostly Jester Outfit1500
Ghostly Druid Outfit1500
Ghostly Princess Outfit1500
Ghostly Farmer Outfit1500
Ghostly Fisher Outfit1500
Ghostly Guard Outfit1500
Ghostly Fremennik Outfit1500
Wraith Walk Override Token50000
Super September Emote750
Murder Of Crows Teleport Animation1250
Crow Taxi Teleport Animation1250
Ghostly Possession Rest Animation1250
Dark Throne Rest Animation1250
Ghost Tap Emote750
Raise the Dead Emote750
Living Dead Emote750
Ghostly Wardrobe Emote750
Pumpkincrow Pet1250
Superior ‘the H’Oarder’ Title25000
‘The H’Oarder’ Title5000
‘Grim’ Title1000
‘The Trickster’ Title1000
‘The Treated’ Title1000
‘The Ghostly’ Title1000
‘Pumpkin’ Title1000
Information provided by Jagex

That’s it! With so many items and so little time for RNG to be on your side. You really need to pick and choose which items you want to come away with by the end of the 2023 RuneScape Halloween event. Or, if you prefer, you can always take a chance with MTX and hopefully obtain the item of your choice! Whichever method you choose, hopefully, you end up being the spooky character of your dreams – in both this event and the Old School RuneScape Halloween event.

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