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Octopath Traveler Danger Level

by Bryan Dawson

As your make your way around Octopath Traveler you’ll seen a Danger Level before you enter a new area. The Octopath Traveler Danger Level is there to give you some very basic information on what level of enemies you’ll find in the area. It’s best to pay close attention to the Danger Level in Octopath Traveler so you don’t roam into an area that too dangerous. Read on to find out how you should interpret Danger Level in Octopath Traveler!

Octopath Traveler Danger Level

The Danger Level is Octopath Traveler can range from 10-45. It’s not a direct indication of what level the enemies are or what level your party should be. The best way to interpret the Danger Level is to assume your party should be a higher level than the Danger Level indicated. You don’t have to be, but that’s the best way to remain safe.

If you only want to take on easy fights, make sure your party is three or more levels above the Danger Level. If you want challenging fights you can be as many as three levels below the Danger Level. If you’re a truly skilled player and want a good challenge, you can take on areas that have a Danger Level of five levels higher than your party. You’ll probably need to use some items to get through the area alive, but it’s still doable.

Players who haven’t been grinding to level up or don’t have a full party yet should only enter areas with Danger Levels lower than your average party level. Experienced players can take on enemies in equal Danger Level areas, but they won’t always be easy fights. Keep in mind that different kind of enemies can be more challenging than others, even if they’re roughly the same level.

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