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Obsidian Crystal Destiny 2 Guide – Izanagi’s Burden Quest

by Ginny Woo

We’ve been revisiting the Izanagi’s Burden questline for some time now, hoping that Bungie fixes up the bits that have previously been bugged. The hard part was arguably getting all the keys necessary to open the Mysterious Box because of how the Forge rotations work now in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, but once you’ve cleared that bit, it’s mostly smooth sailing. Check out our Obsidian Crystal Destiny 2 guide if you need a hand with the part of the chain that involves forging the Unidentified Frame for this Exotic.

Obsidian Crystal Destiny 2 Guide – Izanagi’s Burden Quest

So, to get to this point in the Izanagi’s Burden quest chain, you’re going to have completed the following steps:

  • Mysterious Box – found the Mysterious Black Armory box that has four locks
  • Found the Butterfly Key, Hand Key, Fishhook and Black Armory Keys
  • Brought a Mysterious Decryption Device to Ada-1

Now, once you’ve hit this point in the quest, Ada-1 will be tasking you with, you guessed it, forging an Unidentified Frame. Like the Black Armory Key, you’re going to have to gather some materials to get the ball rolling, and one of those materials is the Obsidian Crystal. If you’re not quite sure how to get this item, we’ve got the solution. It’s as simple as turning in a rare Black Armory bounty to Ada-1. When you’re out and about doing your regular Black Armory bounties, you have the chance to crack into a rare one so this is really just about being persistent. 

Once you’ve completed a rare bounty with this quest chain in hand, you’ll receive the Obsidian Crystal that you need. It’s really as simple as that. Once you’ve got it, the next steps required to get the Frame will involve the following:

  • Finishing the Shattered Throne to get an Ascendant Glass Shard
  • Finish the Pyramidion Strike

Completing the above will earn you an Unidentified Radiant Frame, which will then enable you to finish the Lock and Key quest. This is basically the final step before you trek back to Ada-1 to receive Izanagi’s Burden, so the finish line is really in sight once you’ve acquired the original materials for the frame like, like the Obsidian Crystal Destiny 2 item. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together to make your time as a Guardian easier:


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