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No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Jeane

by Lucas White

The fight with Jeane, the number one assassin in the United States, is an encapsulation of everything No More Heroes is all about. There’s wacky character drama, fourth wall-breaking, violence, crude humor, and a difficult battle all in one encounter. And this one is much more personal, as Jeane reveals quite a lot of capital-P plot (most of which is a bit). As the effective final boss, Jeane is the game’s biggest challenge yet, and can be pretty overwhelming at first. We got through it though, and we’ll get you through it too.

The first thing you need to know is that you won’t be hitting Jeane very much at all. When you swing at her she’ll duck and weave right out of it, the only character in the whole game that actually dodges Travis’ attacks. She attacks with a flurry of punches and kicks, and has combo-enders that will ruin your day. And if you try to throw her, she’ll reverse it every time. All of that is working against you, and yet you still have to win.

The good news is that Jeane is way more aggressive than every boss you’ve encountered so far, which means you get a lot of opportunities to attack. But they’re all tiny, and you aren’t guaranteed anything. Utilizing your dash move is the best way to eke out damage, and you’re never going to hit her more than once or twice at this stage. Jeane’s combos always end with either a big punch or vertical kick, signified by a yellowish glow. Don’t get hit by these or try to block them. Do try to dash, especially the kick. That’s the best way to net yourself some hits.

There’s a forcefield around this battle, and you’ll know you’ve reached a new phase when the action stops and you get to watch it shrink. The better you do, the more in your face Jeane is going to get. Here, she’ll add an additional charged hit to her combos, and use a new shockwave move. Dodge the shockwave as close as you can to the last second to ensure the lingering hit properties don’t snag you out of your i-frames. And when it comes to the charged combo, roll backwards for the first hit otherwise you won’t be able to see the next one!

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The forcefield will shrink a second time, and while Jeane doesn’t technically get any new moves, she does add a third hit to her charge set, which is now an additional three-hit combo that will mess your face up. This move isn’t kind to how long Travis takes to roll, and how the camera treats fast movement, but do your best and you’ll get through it. Eventually you’ll get a weapon clash, which signifies the battle is over. You can’t win by the way. Sorry!

And that’s it! After the Jeane stuff plays out, Travis Touchdown is officially the number one assassin in the United States, and the baddest otaku in Santa Destroy. After things wrap up you get to go back home to the hotel, hit the toilet one more time, and watch the ending. But we both know it isn’t over yet. Stick around for one more chapter to this guide, and hit us up on the Prima Games Facebook or Twitter if you want to talk No More Heroes shop.

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