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No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Holly Summers

by Lucas White

When Travis Touchdown faces off against Holly Summers, a slight shift in tone starts to drizzle out over the game. You wouldn’t expect this dude to show any sort of remorse or hesitation by now, but things are about to get a little more complicated.

But you still have to take her down, and once again No More Heroes throws a wrench at you. This time, the fight is more against the environment than the assassin.

Holly Summers is a trickster sort of enemy, with a lot of techniques that don’t attack you directly. As usual the key strategy is to keep moving, but this time you have to watch where you’re stepping.

The level on the way to this fight teaches you a little of that, with its big, maze-like minefield. But those are marked on the map and not hard to walk around.

This time, Holly Summers has a bunch of holes dug in the sand, which you’ll have to fight your way out of if you fall in.

No More Heroes Boss Guide: How to Beat Holly Summers

While you’re trying not to fall in holes, Holly will also fire volleys of heat-seeking missiles from her, uh, leg. She’ll also throw knives at you or try to bash your brains in with a shovel. If you do fall in a hole, you’ll have to either mash the A button, or do one of those stick motions to escape.

Take too long, and you’ll get a grenade in your face. If you make it out, though, the hole you fell into will be a bit more visible.

Of course that won’t stand for Holly, what with the holes being the key to her long-distance strategy. When she gets a chance she’ll dash for an uncovered hole to fill it back in, once again making it a trap if you can’t get to her in time.

And like Shinobu or Dr. Peace, Holly gets her defenses up fast. So this is another game of patience and care.

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After a while Holly will also remove herself from the battlefield for a moment, climbing up on a rock to shoot an even larger volley of missiles. Luckily it’s easy enough to get out of the way, but if you’re really struggling you can also hop down a hole and avoid it entirely as you scramble back out.

As long as you’re quick about it, you can sneak in a few hits once she hops back down.

All in all, the Holly Summers fight is mostly about keeping your cool, watching where you’re stepping, and waiting for attack windows. Holly is always vulnerable right after she does something, so your best bet is to run or dodge to the side then toss out a couple quick strikes in return.

You’ll get her eventually, and the following cutscenes establish a bit more nuance to Travis Touchdown’s winning personality. Also you’re halfway through!

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