The Elaborate Gadget is a crafting material that players will need to find and obtain in Nier: Automata if they want to upgrade Pods to level 3. Since this material is needed to upgrade your pods, it can be quite difficult to find at times. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful article to assist you in finding the Elaborate Gadgets in Nier: Automata that you need to upgrade your Pods, and this article will detail every current known location of Elaborate Gadgets in the game.

How to Find Elaborate Gadgets

The first place that you can find an Elaborate Gadget is near the start of the game, after you complete the tutorial. Head to the factory in the City Ruins and make your way up to the fourth floor, where you should find this item laying on the ground.

The next place that you can get this item is by completing the quest Reconnaissance Squad, which tasks you with gathering intel on a group of enemies and then delivering to 4S. Complete the quest to earn the item.

You can also earn this item by completing Sorting Trouble 2. This side quest tasks players with solving a sorting puzzle to retrieve a package. You’ll be rewarded quite a few things for completing this quest, including five Elaborate Gadgets.

To find more Elaborate Gadgets you’ll need to head to the Desert and make your way to the center, with a Scanner Pod Unit. Use the item to search the center of the Desert area, and you should come away with a nice shiny set of Elaborate Gadgets to help upgrade your Pods to level 3.

You can also find some Elaborate Gadgets near the infant king in the Royal Chamber. Look next to the young king and pick them up before you leave to obtain them.

The final place that we currently know of to find Elaborate Gadgets is in the tower inside the City ruins. Climb up to the top of the tower, and then jump down on the stone structure nearby. Once you’ve done this, look for the item nearby on the ground (it should be shiny like all other items in the game) and pick it up to obtain these Elaborate Gadgets.

Make sure you start collecting these Elaborate Gadgets early on, as you’ll need them to really upgrade your Pods all the way. Now that you know how to get Elaborate Gadgets, take a look at our other guides to learn more about Nier: Automata, like how to increase your FPS and get a smoother experience in the game overall.