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Nier: Automata – How to Complete the YoRHa Betrayers Side Quest

by Prima Games Staff

Nier: Automata – How to Complete the YoRHa Betrayers Side Quest

Nier: Automata’s massive open-world has plenty of players to do and see, and there is even a slew of various side quests to check out as you set out on your journey to retake earth for humanity.

One of the side quests that you come across tasks you with locating several renegade androids who are now terrorizing the Resistance. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know to complete the YoRHa Betrayers quest in Nier: Automata, and earn the rewards it has to offer.

How to Get the Quest

This quest is given to players by Operator 60. It arrives in the player’s inbox after they reach the flooded portion of the City Ruins after taking down the Goliath. Once you have the quest, head out of the city ruins towards the locations marked on your map. Some of the areas won’t have any of the YoRHa Betrayers, so you’ll need to scout out all of the areas until you locate the betrayers.

Once you’ve located the two YoRHa units, engage in battle and fight them until they fall back, escaping the location.

At this point some players have run into an issue where the YoRHa units have not reappeared on the map, making it so that they cannot track the rogue androids. Some users have advised that completing the quest The Forest Kingdom will cause the units to become marked on the map once more.

After the androids have been marked on the map once more, head to the location, which is near the entrance to the City Ruins that you used earlier in the game. Here you’ll find the rogue YoRHa units, which you’ll need to engage in battle once more.

With the units taken care of, head back to the Resistance camp and talk to Anemone. You’ll discover that the rogue YoRHa actually didn’t steal anything, and a short call with be made to Operator 210 concerning the rogue soldiers. Once the call ends, the quest will conclude and you’ll receive your rewards.

Quest Rewards:

  • 10,000 G
  • 400 EXP
  • Type-4O Lance

With the YoRHa Betrayers quest complete, you can move on to completing other side quests in Nier: Automata. We also have a guide that shows you how to Fast Travel, so be sure to take a look and learn how to get around the world much easier. If you’re having trouble with the game, make sure you know how to save, as Nier: Automata does not feature any sort of auto-save feature.

We’ll have more content for Nier: Automata coming soon, so check back often for updated information, guides, and details.

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