Ni No Kuni II Higgledy Guide and Stone Locations

Find out everything there is to know about the new familiars in Ni No Kuni II, the Higgledy.

Ni No Kuni 2 familiars are not what you may remember from the first game. Instead, we now have Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy that take the place of familiars. Higgledies in Ni No Kuni 2 help your party by fighting alongside you and using offensive and defensive abilities automatically and when instructed.

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This article covers Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy so you know how to get more Higgledies and what they do in combat. We’ve also included all Higgledy Stone locations and Higgledy Stone items so you can find the locations of all Higgledy and add them to your party.

Ni No Kuni II Higgledy Guide and Stone Locations

What Are Higgledies

Higgledies are little creatures that will help you in combat and while traversing the world. You gain access to Higgledy early in the game, but you can’t level them up or create your own until you get to the kingdom building phase of the game. If you’re not into the finer details of combat, you can let the Higgledy do their thing automatically.

Without setting up anything, Higgledy will heal party members, throw out green and blue orbs that replenish HP and MP respectively, and even shield party members with protective spells. This is all automatic depending on which Higgledy you have in your party. You can have up to four Higgledy assigned to your party at once, and swap them out like you would normal party members.

Each Higgledy has a set cost. Most Higgledy you find in the early portions of the game will cost one point, but some of the Higgledy you make or find during the late game can cost four points or more. While you can have up to four Higgledy in your party, you can only have a total Higgledy cost of 10. That means if you’re using three Higgledy that cost three points each, you won’t be able to add another three point Higgledy to your party.

Where to Find Higgledy

Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Stone

You can find Higgledy by interacting with Higgledy Stones or in the Higglery once you’ve built a kingdom (see Creating and Enhancing Higgledies below). When you come across a Higgledy Stone you must offer the Higgledy inside something good in order for it to join your party.

You’ll be given a hint of what the Higgledy Stone wants and you’ll be able to select anything in your inventory that falls into that category. If you have the item the Higgledy wants, it will join your party. If you don’t, you’ll have to give it something else. Either way, you lose the item you offer to the Higgledy Stone, but it’s usually a common item, so not a big loss.

Higgledy Stone Locations

While we’ve listed the items needed for each Higgledy Stone, and most of the item locations, you can find a more thorough list in our Items List article. We’ll be adding the few missing items very soon, so check back if the specific location of the stone item you’re looking for is not listed.

Abyss Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
1000 Fathoms Deep Haddock the Fishy Bright Button Makronos, Abyss
2000 Fathoms Deep Clambunctious the Calm Bighorn Shell Reight Bright Beacon, Fine Fish Market

Broadleaf Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Dynafloor No. 2 Topturvey the Testy Scented Sap Pinwheel Flats, East Wood
Dynafloor No. 3 Slingsby the Scorcher Whole Milk Rolling Hills, Grotty Grotto
Fathomless Forest Bumblebizz the Blowy Fine Fur Abyss, Pinwheel Flats
Shrine That Time Forgot Boss-Woss the Bruiser Bolt Eagle Feather ???
Sublime Shrine Unkimmon the Uncommon Coarse-Grained Lumber Makronos, Abyss

Calmlands / Capstan-upon-Hull Areas

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Death’s Door Gabardine the Gawker Knight’s Brocade Drylands, Bleachbone Shrine
Hidey-Hole Mimber the Meanderer Sackcloth Calmlands, Reight Bright Beacon
Unsung Shrine Whiting the Lightning Wonderwater ???

Cloudcoil Canyon / Farflung Cape (Northern Islands) / Plainview Plateau Areas

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Cloudcoil Canyon Filigree the Flighty Munchy Nut Cloudcoil Canyon, Snaketooth Ridge
Cloudcoil Canyon Larrican the Leafy Prism Pepper ???
Crooked Cavern Slithy the Spelunker Glacier Crystal Cluster Abyss, Mining Camp No. 4
Tightfit Cavern Frumious the Flammable Hardwearing Wool Calmlands, Swift Solutions
Wyvern’s Den Tove the Tenebrous Single Cream Calmlands, Unsung Shrine

Crash Site Area (Frozen North)

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Freezybones Cave Benison the Bright Enigma Prism Mining Camp No. 4, ???
Ice House Malignity the Indignity Sturdy Bone Wiggly Way, Forest of Niall

Forest of Niall Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Auld Woods Mutton-Bane the Mushy Gunkshrooms Forest of Niall, Budding Lumberyard
Hard Woods Phantasmagoria the Foul Nightmare Prism ???
Jumblewoods Popple the Pure Slumbergull Feather Makronos, Capaneus’s Crypt
Jumblewoods Twinkle the Twee Rugged Fur Heartlands, Wiggly Way
Shiverwood Shrine Dirge the Dismal Twisty Bone Leucippes’ Labyrinth, Pinwheel Flats

Hydropolis Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Dampshow Cave Tundle the Tropical Coral Huebloom Rolling Hills, Cloudcoil Canyon
Seaspray Tunnel Dishcloth the Dragony Briar Coral Any Water, Makronos

Rolling Hills Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Crosswater Cavern Motley the Menace Snow-White Thread Rolling Hills, Cloudcoil Canyon
Old Well Bawbee the Bandit Blossomwheat Pinwheel Flats, East Wood
Old Well Dimity the Dastardly Forked Tail Bone Drylands, Jack Frost’s Playground
Tumbledown Shrine Tilly-Loo the Twinkly Clear Prism Swift Solutions, Mining Camp No. 1

Splitstone Canyon (Eastern Desert) Area

Location Higgledy Item Required Item Locations
Bleachbone Shrine Teakettle the Toasty Fluffy Cloth Drylands, Swift Solutions
Sunshade Shrine Vorpal the Volcanic Sunnysmile Cotton ???

How to Use Higgledies

The Higgledies will automatically use their normal attacks and abilities during a fight. All Higgledy  have an attack and defense rating similar to your normal weapons. Once you’ve inflicted enough damage on enemies, a circle will appear around a Higgledy. If you interact with the Higgledy in the middle of the circle (walk up to it and press X), they will use their main advanced skill.

After you’ve been fighting long enough, Lofty may toss a golden orb toward the character you’re controlling. If you touch this orb your character will enter an awakened state. While you’re in the awakened state you can absorb certain Higgledy to enhance certain skills and abilities. In addition, any spells or abilities that normally cost MP will be free to use while you’re in the awakened state.

The first two skills listed for Higgledy are their normal abilities. The third skill is their advanced ability, and the final skill is what benefits that Higgledy gives you during an awakened state. You can cycle through all of these Higgledy skills by pressing Triangle in the party menu.

Look in the skills menu for each of your main party members to determine which Higgledy type they can absorb to enhance those skills. This is important so you add Higgledies to your party that will boost the skills you normally use in combat. It can make a big difference during boss battles and other challenging fights.

Higgledy Abilities

Higgledies have two normal abilities and two advanced skills. While there are a variety of abilities, you’ll run into many Higgledy that share the same abilities. For example, the Scrap, Scrap! normal ability allows a Higgledy to offer your party a slight boost to the power of ranged attacks.

You might run into a number of Higgledy that all have that ability, but will offer different abilities for their second normal ability and advanced skills. If you find Higgledy that share a normal ability, it’s okay to have both of them in your party because they probably don’t have anything else in common.

Higgledy Personalities

It’s important to balance Higgledy personalities within your party. You can see what a Higgledy’s personality is to the left of their attack and defense stats. If you have a shy Higgledy in your party, you want to have at least one outgoing or aggressive Higgledy to balance them out. This will allow your Higgledies to do more during combat. If you have four shy Higgledies in your party, they won’t be as active because none of them will take the initiative.

Creating and Enhancing Higgledies

Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy Upgrade

Once you can build your own kingdom, one of the facilities you can make is the Higglery. At the Higglery you can create and enhance Higgledies. The more research you put into the Higglery, the better the Higgledies you can create. To create Higgledy you’ll need a variety of materials, many of which you can gather from the store in your kingdom.

You can also level up the Higgledy currently in your party. This is the only way you’ll be able to level them up, which increases their attack and defense as well as how effective their normal abilities and advanced skills can be. Higgledies like certain materials, and feeding them these materials via the Higglery is how you level them up.

Ideally you should only level up the Higgledies you plan to include in your party. Don’t waste materials on Higgledies that won’t actually see any combat. If you have an abundance of materials you can increase your Higgledies to level two or three, but wait until you have a lot of Higgledy to choose from before you spend materials leveling them up any higher than that. Make sure you match your Higgledies to the skills of your party members so you can take full advantage of their awakening potential.

We’ll have more on Higgledies, including where to find all of the Higgledy Stones in the very near future, so stay tuned to our Ni No Kuni 2 game hub for more details!


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