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Ni No Kuni II Grass Green Thread

by Bryan Dawson

There are a plethora of items to be found in Ni No Kuni 2, but one that you’ll need for the 006 Pi Chi, the Skillful Seamstress quest is grass-green thread. While it’s a bit more common later in the game, adding Pi Chi to your kingdom is a nice boost. This article covers where to find grass-green thread in Ni No Kuni 2 so you can complete the Skillful Seamstress quest.

Where to Find Grass-Green Thread

  • Complete the Min Ti the Sharpshooter side quest
  • Purchased at Swift Solutions
  • Found in the Rolling Hills Area

Ni No Kuni 2 Green Grass Thread

The easiest way to come across grass-green thread is by completing another side quest in the Goldpaw area. As you go through the chapter 4 main story quest you’ll run into Min-Ti. Complete her quest, which is the Sharpshooter side quest (006), and she’ll reward you with five spools of grass-green thread. After you’ve completed some of the chapter 4 main story quests in Goldpaw you can also purchase grass-green thread. You’ll see a penguin icon on your map which indicates the location of Swift Solutions, who is a main source for recruiting more citizens for your kingdom.

Complete a few of Swift Solutions quests and you’ll earn the Token of Gratitude currency that allows you to buy things from Swift Solutions. One of the items Swift Solutions sells is the grass-green thread. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to obtain grass-green thread, but an alternate way is to travel to the Rolling Hills area an scour the land, defeating enemies until you stumble across one (which is rare).

Rolling Hills doesn’t show up on the large world map, it’s located west of Cloudcoil Canyon, far north of Auntie Martha’s Cottage and Hideaway Hollow. If you move out of any cities, to the overworld area, you can pull up your map to find the Rolling Hills area marked on the map. You can find grass-green thread laying around on the ground and in some cases enemies in the area will drop it as well.

Once you have the thread you can complete the side quest and recruit Pi Chi to your kingdom. If you’re looking to recruit more citizens or find silver nuggets you can find that information and more in our Ni No Kuni 2 game hub!

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