New Soul Dye Updates Due to RuneScape Players Feedback

Players have been dyeing for this update.

RuneScape Soul Dye

When Jagex first released soul dye into the game, the vast majority of players were very unhappy with the way that it looked, and with good reason. It did not meet the standard that players had come to expect from previous dyes. Thankfully, Jagex listened to their players and have been working to update the way that soul dye looks. As of today, the graphical soul dye update is now live.

Soul Dye Graphical Update Goes Live in RuneScape

Jagex has updated the appearance of soul dye to both bring it in line with other dyes and meet the standards that players have for some items. The outcry regarding the quality of the original was very loud and as such, impossible for Jagex to ignore. The fast turnaround from the initial release to the updated release still should be commended though. Especially when so much player feedback was taken onboard as changes were made.

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Updated Soul Dye Look

  • RuneScape Soul Dye Weapons
  • RuneScape Soul Dye Weapons

Original Soul Dye Look

Image via Jagex

The updated weapons and armor are quite an improvement over the original look of the items. It is great to see that Jagex has listened to the community, taken on the feedback, and implemented appropriate change. Hopefully, this community involvement continues into the foreseeable future – especially with the launch of Necromancy.

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