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New Pokemon Snap | Where to Find Snorlax, How to Complete Snorlax Dash

by Morgan Shaver

Added to New Pokemon Snap as part of the free update on August 3, Snorlax is a Pokemon that presents a real challenge if you want to photograph them fully. First, you’ll need to know how to access an alternate route in the new Secret Side Path area to find Snorlax, and second you’ll need to know how to wake sleeping Snorlax up. 

And if you want a 4-star photo of Snorlax, your best bet is to run through the Snorlax Dash request. To simplify everything, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find Snorlax, wake Snorlax up, and complete Snorlax Dash in New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | Where to Find Snorlax, How to Complete Snorlax Dash

When looking to photograph Snorlax in New Pokemon Snap, the first question that pops up is where to find Snorlax. With Snorlax being a new addition to the game as of August 3, it isn’t all that surprising to learn that Snorlax can be found in one of the new update areas, Secret Side Path.

We have a separate guide on how to unlock and access all new areas in New Pokemon Snap, so if you haven’t unlocked Secret Side Path yet we have a guide that’ll walk you through the entire process.

Once you have Secret Side Path unlocked, you’re going to want to pay extra close attention at the starting point area as there’s an alternate route here that you’ll need to take in order to spot Snorlax.

The alternate route in Secret Side Path goes across Snorlax’s stomach and can be found by looking at the patch of tall grass to the left of the starting point (after Wurmple). You’ll be able to scan for it after Dodrio goes through it in pursuit of Pichu and Scorbunny. 

After Dodrio goes through the grass, press X to scan and you should hear a little “ding” that indicates there’s something to scan. While looking left you should see the circle to scan.

By pressing and holding X over the scan point, you’ll unlock the alternate route in Secret Side Path that leads to Snorlax. With this route, you can get a photo of sleeping Snorlax but there aren’t a lot of great photo opportunities as it’s impossible to get Snorlax’s entire body in the shot.

Fortunately, there’s a way to both snap better photos of Snorlax and complete a research request called Snorlax Dash! 

How to Complete Snorlax Dash

The research request called Snorlax Dash is one that becomes available to you after you add Snorlax to your PhotoDex by taking a photo of Snorlax from the alternate route in Secret Side Path. 

Even though the photo(s) you take of Snorlax aren’t great at first, you’ll need to take at least one of these “not great” photos in order to unlock the Snorlax Dash request. To complete Snorlax Dash, you’ll need to figure out how to wake Snorlax up. 

The process of this is a little complicated when it comes to timing, but keep in mind you can always restart a course if you mess up and fail to wake Snorlax. To wake Snorlax, you’ll want to throw Fluffruit into its open mouth (B button) while also playing a Melody (R button). 

Basically, feed and annoy Snorlax until it wakes up. We threw four Fluffruit into Snorlax’s mouth and kept replaying the Melody to wake Snorlax and it worked. Now that Snorlax is awake, you have a new photo opportunity as you look back at Snorlax, but this isn’t the Snorlax Dash photo you want. 

For the Snorlax Dash photo, you’ll want to keep going through Secret Side Path until it spits you out at the end of the Florio Nature Park (Day) course. In the distance near the teleportation point, you should see Snorlax.

With Snorlax spotted, you’ll want to toss Fluffruit at and towards it to get it to start coming towards you. 

When Snorlax is moving towards the Fluffruit in your direction, throw an Illumina Orb at it to make Snorlax dash towards you. It can be a bit jarring to see a Pokemon like Snorlax looking like it’s about to body slam you, but it does make for one heck of a 4-star photo! 

Make sure to photograph Snorlax while it’s actively dashing towards you, then when you’re selecting photos to show Professor Mirror, also be sure to select one of the 4-star Snorlax dashing photos in order to complete Snorlax Dash.

As a reward for completing Snorlax Dash, you’ll get the Hat 7 sticker (Santa Hat). You’ll also get some amazing shots of Snorlax and will now know how to wake Snorlax up each and every time you run through the Secret Side Path course.

With that, you’ll be able to take photos at other star ratings to complete Snorlax’s entry in your PhotoDex!

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