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New Pokemon Snap | Where to Find Salazzle, How to Complete An Alluring Pose Request

by Morgan Shaver

With the free August 3 update for New Pokemon Snap comes the opportunity to photograph 20 new Pokemon, one of them being Salazzle. Unlike Pokemon like Psyduck or Diglett that are easy to spot, Salazzle is a bit trickier as it’s actually hiding behind another Pokemon in Barren Badlands. 

Additionally, there’s a research request for Salazzle called “An Alluring Pose” that can be a bit challenging to complete given the difficulty in spotting Salazzle, and the fact that you’ll need to make Salazzle strike a pose while dancing. 

To make everything easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on where to find Salazzle and how to complete the An Alluring Pose request in New Pokemon Snap!

New Pokemon Snap | Where to Find Salazzle, How to Complete An Alluring Pose Request

Before you can complete the “An Alluring Pose” request in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll first need to know where and how to find Salazzle.

In New Pokemon Snap, Salazzle can be found in the Barren Badlands (Day) course. As you’re exploring the early parts of the Barren Badlands (Day) course, make sure you keep an eye out for a different Pokemon, Mandibuzz.

Specifically, a Mandibuzz that’s perched on a boulder near a tree. In the image below, we’ll show you what we mean.

The reason you’ll need to look for Mandibuzz here is because Salazzle is hiding behind this Mandibuzz. Sneaky, sneaky! Now, to get Salazzle to emerge from its hiding spot, you’ll need to press R to play a Melody when you’re near Mandibuzz

Doing this will cause Salazzle to scurry out from behind Mandibuzz. Knowing where to find Salazzle, your next question in regards to photographing Salazzle may be in reference to the “An Alluring Pose” request. 

Note that An Alluring Pose won’t be available in your requests until you reach Research Level 3 for Barren Badlands (Day). 

How to Complete An Alluring Pose in New Pokemon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap, one of the requests you can complete tasks you with snapping a photo of Salazzle striking a pose while dancing. Given how hard it is to find Salazzle in the first place, you may feel stumped on how to get Salazzle to dance, and how to get Salazzle to strike a pose. 

Fortunately, the process is relatively simple though you will need to keep timing in mind. When you’re near Mandibuzz, play a Melody by pressing R to make Salazzle run out from its hiding spot.

Immediately after the Melody stops, press R to play the Melody again, this will cause Salazzle to stop and dance. While this is happening, you’ll want to quickly toss an Illumina Orb at Salazzle as this will cause it to strike a pose mid-dance.

Take a photo (or several) of Salazzle’s pose.

After you’ve completed the course, remember that you’ll need to select and show a photo of Salazzle striking the requisite pose to Professor Mirror in order to complete the An Alluring Pose request. 

While you won’t receive any goodies for completing An Alluring Pose, it is a great opportunity to get a cute 4-star photo of Salazzle. 

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