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New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Gigantic Koffing Request

by Morgan Shaver

The free update for New Pokemon Snap not only added three new areas for players to explore, it also added new requests for these areas. Among the new requests is one called Gigantic Koffing for Barren Badlands.

On the surface it seems pretty straightforward. However, it can be a little tricky to complete. To make everything easier, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to complete the Gigantic Koffing request in New Pokemon Snap! 

New Pokemon Snap | How to Complete Gigantic Koffing Request

The Gigantic Koffing request in New Pokemon Snap becomes available to players after they reach Research Level 2 for Barren Badlands (Day).

With that criteria out of the way, the request is somewhat vague when it comes to getting a shot of Koffing that’s gigantic. The research request text only provides the following information: 


“Guess what! I saw a Koffing that was, like, ridiculously huge! I could’ve gotten a shot of it if I hadn’t freaked out and dropped my camera!” 

While the text isn’t particularly helpful, the image included with the research request is. In the photo, you see a small Koffing and near it, a Crystabloom you can toss an Illumina Orb at.

All you need to do is run through the Barren Badlands (Day) course until you find the area with Koffing and the Crystabloom. Note this area should be on your left as you approach it. 

When you toss an Illumina Orb and light up the Crystabloom, the Koffing near it will puff up and expand and become large. When it does this, snap a photo (or several). Don’t worry if you only get Koffing’s back, the photo will still count! 

After you finish your run through Barren Badlands (Day), don’t forget to select a photo of Koffing all puffed up and gigantic to show to Professor Mirror in order to complete the research request. The photo should be worth four stars.

When you’ve shown Professor Mirror all your photos, return to camp and select the Requests menu in the upper right corner by pressing Y. Locate the Gigantic Koffing request and select it to claim your reward for completing the task.

The reward for completing Gigantic Koffing in New Pokemon Snap – outside of a nice 4-star photo of Koffing – is the Glasses 7 sticker.

We hope this helps! 

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