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New Marvel Snap Location: Quantum Realm — What Does It Do?

Shrinkflation in its funniest form.

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap keeps up with the trend of the new Ant-Man movie and delivers a new related Location to the game. The Location name is Quantum Realm, and it’s a somewhat decent Location that will help a handful of decks, and it won’t bother the rest of the meta that much since it’s not restrictive as some Locations which just don’t allow you to play stuff.

In this article, Prima Games analyzes the new Location of Quantum Realm in Marvel Snap and offers tips on what you can do with it.

Effect of Quantum Realm in Marvel Snap

The text is fairly simple:

“When you play a card here, set its base Power to 2.”

We bet that you already have some cool ideas about this Location, so let’s see what fun stuff we can do with it!

Synergies, Counters, and other Interactions with Quantum Realm in Marvel Snap

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  • Jubilee increases to 2 Power and the card summoned by her effect is not counted as “played” on the Location so its power stays the same.
  • Lockjaw’s effect also bypasses this Location.
  • Hood and Mr. Negative are just too good for this Location. Crazy value!
  • Cerebro 2 decks are gonna love this Location, because of some zero-power cards that could use that boost.
  • Taskmaster, technically speaking, overrides this Location’s effect, because Quantum Realm first sets his power to 2, and then his On Reveal: effect triggers.
  • Thanos’ Stones (most of them, at least) will gain some small benefit as well
  • Adam Warlock is finally not a weakling.

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That’s about it for this guide, everyone. We hope that you’ll enjoy this Location and that you’ll make good use of it to climb the ladder while it’s a featured Location with more odds of appearing. Check out the rest of our Marvel Snap stuff at the game tag under this article. See you soon at Prima Games!

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