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New Marvel Snap Location: Collapsed Mine – What Does It Do? Tips & Tricks

Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole...

by Nikola L

It’s that time of the week, Marvel Snap players. A new Location is up, and it’s a very strange one that you will most certainly have fun with… Or dread it. Prima Games is here to break down the new Location, and it’s time to see what this Collapsed Mine is all about and what cards work well with it.

What is the Effect of Collapsed Mine in Marvel Snap?

Collapsed Mine: Fill this location with Rocks. Skip a turn to destroy your Rocks.

Skip a turn = Play no cards and pass your turn (you can move Vision and Nightcrawler, for example).

Screenshot by Prima Games

It’s a very tricky Location, but it’s manageable if it appears on Turn 1 or 2 by skipping your turn altogether. Most decks do not have this problem (*cough* Zabu *cough*). However, sometimes it may appear later via another Location’s effect by Scarlet Witch.

Collapsed Mine in Marvel Snap: How to Play Around it?

Well, if you are playing Kazar, Patriot, or Blue Marvel, you might actually use this location well.

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Skipping Turn 5 for Infinaut is also an excellent and totally unexpected thing to do. Killmonger is a card that will clear both sides of the Location, which you perhaps don’t want happening (depending on what Decks are clashing). To a certain extent, this forces a more careful deployment of Killmonger, but that’s about it.

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Death will benefit from each Rock destroyed, which means that her Energy Cost drops from 9 to 1 if both players destroy their side of the Location. Putting Death in your Deck while this Location is featured is perhaps a good idea, or getting a Death Wave Deck out.

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