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New Marvel Snap Featured Location: Sacred Timeline – Tips & Tricks

Brush the dust off your low-cost decks and prepare for Killmonger invasion.

by Nikola L

It’s that time of the week, a new location is upon us, and it’s featured for a while, so you better use the Sacred Timeline all you can to your advantage and get those sweet, delicious cubes! Prima Games will tell you all about the Sacred Timeline, how it works, and which decks would work great with it, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

How Does Sacred Timeline Work in Marvel Snap? – Answered

Sacred Timeline has a great effect on low-cost Aggro / Zoo / Rush decks. The text is fairly simple at first, but it will require some short explanation so that everyone is on the same page regarding how it actually works.

First to fill this gets a copy of their opening hand.

What is Considered an “Opening Hand” in Marvel Snap?

The very first three cards you see in your hand when the game starts before you draw the 4th card for your first turn.
So, when you manage to fill this Location with four cards, you will get three cards you started the game with.

Naturally, low-cost decks will fill this location first, and this is the second location (after The Raft) that starts off a race between you and your opponent about who’s going to fill a location faster. Kazoo / Ka-Zar / Zoo Decks are good at this.

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How to Counter Sacred Timeline in Marvel Snap?

This Location kind of makes the Killmonger on Turn 3 redundant, because you will almost certainly fill the location by then, and then you’ll just splurge your hand on the board again. Look out for players who are keeping their Killmonger safe until the last turn, protect your stuff with Armor, Cosmo. The Collector will get +3 Power if you trigger this Location first. Quinjet will LOVE the three cards that you get.

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Every Location changer such as Rhino, Scarlet Witch, and Storm also helps greatly if you are not playing a fast-paced deck.

That’s it for this article. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and invite you to browse our Marvel Snap tag for more stuff about this game!

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