New Marvel Snap Card Showcase: Shanna: Deck Codes and Tips for Usage and Counter

Hello, Killmonger police? Aggro Decks are at their shenanigans again!

Marvel Snap has a cool new card that you can (hopefully, with enough luck) get. It has quite a nice effect, and she fits in a whole load of different decks, and Prima Games is, as always, ready to deliver Marvel Snap guides for all Marvel Snap fans out there, so we’ve got you covered whether you’ve obtained Shanna and want to build a deck around her, or you want to know how to counter Shanna in Marvel Snap.

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What does Shanna do in Marvel Snap? Card Effect Explained

Shanna is a 4-Energy, 2-Power card that has the following effect:

On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location.

Assuming the worst scenario of RNG, you should be good with whatever Shanna shells out, but there’s always that fear of Killmonger existing in the game. Just when people started playing it less, due to many Ultron and Kazoo Decks just giving up, Marvel Snap reintroduces this thing.

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Potential Results of Shanna in Marvel Snap: The Analysis

There are about 28 cards that cost 1 Energy in the game right now, so your main concern is getting the bad drops:

  • Agent 13 can clog up your hand with garbage or just cap your hand to 7 in some cases
  • Bast can completely screw your hand’s Power
  • Blade can discard something you REALLY needed.
  • Ebony Maw can make it or break it because you can’t play stuff after it’s been placed.
  • Iron Fist can unwillingly move your card you don’t want to be moved, which forces you to play sub-optimally.
  • Hood can sometimes stay until the end of the game with that -2 value.
  • Squirrel Girl can sometimes fill up the parts of the board you don’t want to be filled, and additionally feeds Killmonger/Death decks.
  • Titania, if unchecked, can be locked on your opponent’s side of the field.
  • Zero might force you to play around it in order to preserve the most important effects.

So, when we introduce the subtotal, about 25% of the cards can do you some harm and derail your strategy. There are great results as well, such as Yondu, Iceman, Sunspot, Rocket Raccoon, Nightcrawler, Nova, Korg, Quinjet, Mantis, Deadpool, Elektra, and Antman, so about 33% of “top” results that will visibly help you. The rest is just meh, usually 1/2 cards on average, which gives a total average (expected) value of 8 Power for 4 Energy, which is an OK bet to have. Keep in mind that you will be “rolling” for three locations, so may RNGesus be with you!

Best Decks for Shanna in Marvel Snap With Codes

Zabu immediately comes to mind. A variant of the Zabu deck with Ka-Zar would work decently. Here’s a list:

Screenshot from by Prima Games

If you do not have Dazzler, try Strong Guy, Shang Chi…


You can also try this Shanna KaZoo variant:

Screenshot from by Prima Games

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