New Marvel Snap Card – Legion – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Twitch Highlight Producer for 3000 Collector's Tokens, anyone?

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Legion is out, finally. Legion is bound to produce a lot of funny moments in the game. So, what’s the fun behind Legion, and does it have any decks it can work in? How can you counter Legion? Let’s check all of that out in Legion’s Showcase.

What Does Legion Do in Marvel Snap?

The pleasure of playing Legion will cost you 5 Energy, and he has 8 Power attached to the cost

The text is relatively simple, but the more I think about it, the more shenanigans I can come up with.

On Reveal: Replace each other Location with this one.

Yes, you heard (read) that right! This looks like the ultimate troll card. Just think about all of the Locations in the game!

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How Good is Legion in Marvel Snap?

First impressions dare to say that this card is very RNG-dependent (to be exact, dependent on the Locations in each match you play), and trying to combo it with the likes of Storm would be very difficult and far-fetched. With Limbo – sure, so that you can ensure that you do not get baited by a Location-altering card played by your opponent on Turn 6.

It’s good to have fun; I’ll tell you that. It’s easily the most fun-producing card released this year

Should I Buy Legion in Marvel Snap? Is it Worth Buying?

Legion will cost 3000 Tokens. The card has been introduced into Series 4 straight away. As far as I am concerned, I am not investing my hard-earned Tokens into this card. The meta potential is not there yet. I know of one thing though: If I do get it from a Spotlight Cache, I am certainly playing it on days of Hot Locations that I want to make good use of on all 3 Location spots in the game. And that’s it.

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