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Nazi Zombies – How to Get Armor

by Josh Hawkins

Surviving in the dark and twisted world of Nazi Zombies may be hard for players just diving into Call of Duty: World War 2’s new Nazi Zombies mode. No matter what skill level you’re at though, having a bit of armor, and being able to take a little more damage is never anything to scoff at. Thankfully you can actually find armor in Nazi Zombies, and in this article we’ll show you how to get armor in The Final Reich.

How to Get Armor in Nazi Zombies

Getting armor in Nazi Zombies is actually pretty easy, but there are a few stipulations that you’ll need to meet. First, since armor is obtained from a vender location, you’re going to need to know how to turn the power on in The Final Reich. We’ve got a really detailed guide on how to turn the power back on, so be sure to check that out before continuing.

Once you have the power on, getting armor is a very simple process. All you’ll need to do is find the Armor Station, which can be found in a total of five locations, and we’ve listed them all below.

Armor Stations can be found in these locations:

  • The Morgue
  • The Salt Mines
  • The Riverbank
  • The Village Square
  • The Lab Locker Room

Now that you know where to find the Armor Stations, let’s talk about how armor works. See, armor will save you from being downed three times. This means that for the first 500 Jolts, you’ll get three chances to continue fighting before you go down. Once you are almost downed a third time, however, your armor will break, and you’ll need to purchase more. The kicker here, though, is that armor will grow in cost each time you purchase, and eventually it will cost upwards of thousands of Jolts to purchase (the armor cost maxes out at 10,000 Jolts for armor).

Because of this, we’d suggest sticking clear of armor until you feel you absolutely need it, and then pick it up. Just because you have armor doesn’t mean you can throw strategy out the window, though. You’ll still need to pay attention to your surroundings and keep control of the situation. Otherwise you’ll be burning through armor like crazy, which means you’ll be wasting Jolts on armor, when you could be using it to continue progressing through the level.

Now that you know how to get armor, be sure to head back over to our Nazi Zombies guide, where we have plenty of other guides to assist you in your journey to solve all the mysteries and find all the secrets—like how to unlock all the secret characters in Nazi Zombies. You can also pick up the official Prima Call of Duty: World War II guide for even more in-depth features and walkthroughs.

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