MultiVersus Season 2 Patch Notes: Battle Pass, Badges and Business

No random character reveal on the title art this time

It’s November 15th, which means we’re officially out of time for all of MultiVersus’ first season of content. And the Halloween stuff as well. RIP. But the game is in maintenance mode as we speak/type, meaning it won’t be much longer before Season 2 is underway. The patch notes for MultiVersus Season 2 were released in the usual spot, detailing lots of new stuff and changes.

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New Stuff

  • Season 2’s Battle Pass comes with some updates to the system. The BP totals have been adjusted, and the free tier no longer has empty spaces. There are several new skins/Variants, with another classic Bugs Bunny costume sitting in the final spot.
  • Players can equip up to three badges now!
  • The in-game store has finally opened up, helping organize all the purchasable content.

New Skins

  • Evil Morty – 1500 Gleamium
  • Samurai Batman – 2000 Gleamium
  • Fern (Finn) – 2000 Gleamium
  • Uncle Shagworthy (returning from the pre-season Battle Pass) – 2000 Gleamium
  • Baker Street Tom & Jerry – Battle Pass (free)
  • Astronaut Velma – Battle Pass (premium)
  • Tea Time Reindog – Battle Pass (premium)
  • Maestro Bugs Bunny – Battle Pass (premium)

Buffs, Nerfs and Fixes


  • Betrayal perk weakened infliction nerfed


  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Bouncerang perk weakened infliction nerfed
  • Air side attack buffed

Black Adam

  • Bugfix for electric tether hitbox
  • Nerfs to ground side and neutral attacks
  • Buffs to up special and ground up attack

Bugs Bunny

  • Aerial neutral attack buff (devs are trying to give Bugs’ combos back without the infinite problem)


  • Nerfs to weight and air neutral attack
  • Tweak to Armored Buns


  • Bugfix for hitbox issue


  • Nerf to ground up attack
  • Buff to air/ground neutral attack
  • Bugfix for arrow issue


  • Buff to weight
  • Tweaks to neutral special and ground side attacks


  • Tweak to neutral special


  • Bugfix for down special (w/o basketball)


  • Tweak to ground neutral attack


  • Several bugfixes


  • Air side attack bugfix

Steven Universe

  • Bugfixes


  • Chainsaw bugfix
  • Weight nerf


  • Bugfix for speech bubble issue
  • Tweak to neutral special
  • Nerfs to air up attack and ground side special

Stay tooned (har har) for more on Season 2 as we learn about other new content coming to MultiVersus, such as new characters, stages, and more. If you want more little details on what’s been buffed, nerfed, and fixed you can check out the official patch notes over at the MultiVersus website.

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