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Mothmen 1966 Achievement/Trophy Guide

Your cryptozoological field guide to the Platinum Trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore.

by Grant Testa

From Chorus Worldwide, the makers of the indie hit “Coffee Talk” (a 2020 Prima independent game of the year nominee), comes the studio’s eerie exploration of West Virginia folklore with their latest release, “Mothmen 1966,” which fluttered its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 14, 2022. While the game has flown slightly under the radar since its launch, lovers of retro-styled visual novels, cryptids, and easy achievements/trophies are sure to enjoy this character-driven, lite-puzzle, single-player story set in ‘60s era small-town USA. This article will act as your cryptozoological field guide for hunting the PS4 platinum trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore, which if not properly planned for, just might become as elusive as the mythical “Mothmen.”   

Achievement Notes:

  • Difficulty: 2/10
  • Time to 100% or Platinum: 2-3 Hours
  • Total Achievements: 15
  • Missable Achievements: 9 (Reliable witness, Unreliable witness, Dialogue wizard, No secrets, Macho cry, Puzzle historian, Winans last stand, Sudden endings completist, Not just marvellous…)

Step One: Play the game, make chapter saves, and die whenever the opportunity presents itself:

Since “Mothmen 1966” is a short adventure, it is best to simply enjoy the game, make a manual save at the beginning of each chapter (except for the prologue and Chapter VI), and just experience the spooky story for yourself. However, in order to attain the “Sudden endings completist” achievement, you need to die in every possible method the game has to offer. There are seven ways to die in total, and any death scenario will forgivingly reload right before the wrong decision was made, so it is best to die in as many ways as you can during Mothmen 1966’s story. This will ultimately save time during the cleanup phase of this guide.

Step Two: Watch the end credits scene:

In a nod to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s end credits scenes, the misspelled PS4 trophy, “Not just marvellous…” (or “Watch until the end!” on Xbox One) requires you to watch the credits and its adjoining end credits scene, which teases a potential sequel. The credits and ending scene are both short, so just sit back, relax, and watch as you earn an easy achievement that can be easily missed if you hastily quit after Mothmen 1966’s credits roll.

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Step Three: Reload & Cleanup:

If you missed any achievements, simply reload one of your nine manual saves. If you didn’t get either of the solitaire related achievements in your first run, those can be easily accessed via playing solitaire through the main menu. To find the exact solutions for each achievement, consult the list below:

Mothmen 1966 Achievement List:

1. Illusion of control (Sort shelves): (Story)

This achievement will be obtained during the prologue as part of regular story progression. Simply, stack the cans, bottles, and boxes on the upper, middle, and lower shelves. The fastest way I found was putting all boxes on the top shelf, cans on the middle shelf, and bottles on the lower shelf.

2. They hunt in packs (Survive the coyote attack): (Story)

This trophy is unmissable and can be earned after a confrontation with five coyotes which also serves as a mini puzzle. If you are having any problems with the puzzle, the solution is below:

  • Yell and gesture => Yell at one of the coyotes on this side of the car => Yell at the coyote in the center
  • Yell and gesture => Yell at one of the coyotes on this side of the car => Yell at the coyote to your left
  • Yell and gesture => Yell at one of the coyotes on this side of the car => Yell at the coyote in the center
  • Bang on the hood
  • Throw a stone => Throw it at one of the coyotes on this side of the car => Throw it at the coyote in the center
  • Throw a stone => Throw it at one of the coyotes on this side of the car => Throw it at the coyote to your right
  • Throw a stone => Throw it at one of the coyotes on the other side of the car => Throw it at the coyote behind you
  • Throw a stone => Throw it at one of the coyotes on the other side of the car => Throw it at the coyote behind you to your right
  • Run to the car!

3. First sighting (See a winged creature): (Story)

The trophy/achievement will pop in Chapter 2 after solving the binoculars mini puzzle. If you’re having trouble finding a solution to the puzzle, simply adjust the diopter so that the images on both sides of the binoculars are the same, then move the focusing wheel until the image clarifies. For the fastest solution, DON’T DO ANYTHING, BUT THE FOLLOWING:

  • Adjust the diopter, move right ONCE
  • Adjust the focusing wheel, move left THREE TIMES

4. Reliable witness (Make a winged creature’s accurate drawing): (MISSABLE)

After solving the binoculars puzzle in Chapter II, when Lou asks Victoria, “Could you draw in this notebook what you just saw?” overwrite your most recent manual save file, so you can get both the “Reliable witness” and “Unreliable witness” achievements in tandem.  First, for the “Unreliable witness” achievement, choose the following:


Once you are awarded the “Unreliable witness” achievement, reload your manual save. For the “Reliable witness” achievement, choose the following:


After you receive the “Reliable witness” achievement, continue onward in the story.

5. Unreliable witness (Make a really inaccurate drawing): (MISSABLE)

See “Reliable witness”

6. Solitaire’s bad run (Lose with more than 25 cards to go):

During Chapter III, Lou will ask Holt how to play “impossible solitaire,” Mothmen 1966’s challenging derivative on the classic card game. When you see the choices: “EXPLAIN IT” or “NOT NOW,” Make sure to choose “EXPLAIN IT,” and Holt will proceed to elucidate the rules of the game. In order to get the “Solitaire’s bad run” achievement, simply lose the game while your deck still has more than 25 cards. The quickest way to do this is to continuously “TURN OVER A CARD FROM THE STOCK” and bet on either red or black until you lose. Holt will then let out a few expletives, you are presented with “NEW GAME” or “LEAVE THE GAME” options, and the achievement is yours. If you missed the achievement during the story, you can access solitaire through the main menu. 

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7. Solitaire’s good run (Lose with 15 or less cards to go):

“Solitaire’s good run” is much trickier than its “bad run” counterpart, as it requires you to lose impossible Solitaire with 15 cards or less left in your deck. Since this solitaire game is completely randomized, getting this achievement will require some memory skills, strategy, and luck. It shouldn’t take you too long to get your deck under 15 cards, but here are some tips to earn the achievement if you’re struggling:

  • Read the rules in the game, Holt explains the solitaire rules in a simple, easily digestible manner, but if you skip his dialogue, you won’t have any idea how to play, and it will only make the achievement take longer.
  • Keep track of the total cards and their color in the discard pile, write them down if you must. The reason is that knowing what cards are in the discard pile will help to increase your odds when you must “TURN OVER A CARD FROM THE STOCK” and will help you decide whether to “BET BLACK” or “BET RED.”
  • Instead of just haphazardly choosing cards to put into the discard pile, look for combos and sequences that will allow you to maximize the amount of discardable cards on the board.
  • Be patient, don’t rush, give yourself time to think, and the achievement will be yours in no time.
  • If you missed the achievement during the story, you can access solitaire through the main menu. 

8. Dialogue wizard (Answer properly to an unheard question): (MISSABLE)

During Chapter IV, when you play as Victoria, Lee will ask an unheard question. After you see the words “Has he asked you a question?” choose the following to get the achievement:


9. No secrets (Find out Lee’s business with Holt): (MISSABLE)

During Chapter V, while controlling Holt, after you find Trent the dog dead in the woods, you have the option to yell at Lou and “TELL HIM TO SHUT UP,” or choose “…” for silence. Make sure to choose the “…” silent option because this will cause Victoria to yell at Lou instead. Then in Chapter VII, Holt will reveal Lee’s business with him to Victoria as a gesture of gratitude for her shutting up Lou two chapters prior, and you will receive the trophy.   

10. Macho cry (Cry your heart out): (MISSABLE)

During Chapter VI, when controlling Lee while he is separated from the rest of the group, you will have the option to “CRY” or “DON’T CRY,” choose “CRY,” and the achievement will pop.

11. “The rotation of the earth, make my day” (Solve the Winans Piece Puzzle): (Story)

During Chapter VIII, you will have to solve the Winans Piece Puzzle to progress the story. The puzzle consists of a bunch of “L’s” that need to be ordered in the correct manner. While the pieces are randomized, the puzzle solution is always the same, so if you’re having too much trouble solving it, there is a picture of the solution is below:

Mothmen 1966_20220718192712

12. Puzzle historian (Listen about the L’s): (MISSABLE)

This achievement can be obtained during Chapter VIII by trying to “TEST THE PIECE ON THE MACHINE GUN” before you have completed the puzzle. Failing the puzzle will give you an option to “TALK TO LOU.”  Listen to Lou Hill’s history spiel, and the trophy will pop.

13. Winans last stand (Survive all cryptid waves): (MISSABLE)

During Chapter VIII, after fighting a few waves of cryptids with the Winans Steam Gun as Holt, you are given the choice to “STAY SHOOTING BIPEDS” or “SEND ELSIE TO LOOK FOR THE REST.” Make sure to choose “STAY SHOOTING BIPEDS,” and you will receive the achievement before the start of Chapter IX.

14. Sudden endings completist (Die all possible deaths): (MISSABLE)

There are 7 ways to die in “Mothmen: 1966,” these are as follows:

  1. Chapter I – Shortly after you see the words “Something hits the Mustang’s antenna,” choose “DON’T STOP THE CAR,” this will cause Lee and Victoria to die in a fiery car accident.
  2. Chapter I – After you “STOP THE CAR” you will encounter coyotes, immediately choose “RUN TO THE CAR!” and Lee will be killed by the coyotes. 
  3. Chapter V – When Trent the dog is being attacked by a Mothman, choose “HOLD ON TO THE CHAIN,” and Holt will fall to his death.
  4.  Chapter VII – When trying to save Holt and Elsie from the two Mothmen at the gas station, immediately choose “RUN TO ELSIE AND HOLT” and Victoria will be killed by the monsters.
  5. Chapter VIII – When using the Winans Steam Gun as Holt to battle waves of cryptids, intentionally aim away from them, and Holt will be overrun and killed.
  6. Chapter IX – While playing as Lee, when the fight starts with Elsie, choose “PUSH,” as your first fight action, and Lee will be shot dead.
  7. Chapter X – When Victoria is running away from the Mothmen at the beginning of Chapter X, Lee will yell, “To your left, Vic!” Make sure to choose “GET DOWN,” “RIGHT,” or simply choose nothing and Victoria will be killed by cryptids.

Once you have died all of these deaths, the achievement will be awarded. Also, deaths are cumulative, so if you missed any, simply reload the chapter of the death you missed, die, and you should receive the achievement.

15. Not just marvellous…/Watch until the end! (Watch the credits until the end): (MISSABLE)

Once you’ve reached the credits, DO NOT RETURN TO THE MAIN MENU. Watch the credits in their entirety and wait for a final scene that hints at a potential sequel to “Mothmen 1966.” The achievement will be yours after you’ve finished the end credits scene.

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