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Mortal Kombat X – How to Play Reptile: Combos and Strategies

by Bryan Dawson

Reptile is a high risk character that reaps high rewards when an opponent guesses wrong. He has some safe basic attacks and combos, but most of his overhead/low mix-ups come from special moves that are not safe if the opponent blocks. However, if the attacks connect Reptile can build momentum that carries him through the end of the match with an easy win. He’s one of the few characters that shares a lot of special moves throughout all variations, with Deceptive allowing him to turn invisible, Nimble giving him excessive combo abilities and Noxious adding a constant damage over time ability.

Notation Key

1 – Square/X
2 – Triangle/Y
3 – X/A
4 – Circle/B

Notation: Down, Forward+3
Enhanced: Yes, but no armor.

Reptile’s various Forceball projectile attacks are very versatile. The normal notation shoots a fast Forceball, but he also has a Slow Forceball (Down, Back+3) which can throw off your opponent’s timing and cause them to jump onto a Forceball or make some other mistake and get hit. You can also stop all of Reptile’s Forceballs in mid air. As soon as you’ve recovered from a Forceball, press Forward, Down, Back+Block (Floating Ball) to spend one bar of your super meter to stop the projectile from moving.

You can end combos with a Forceball, then immediately use the Floating Ball to stop it in place to make your next attack safe from punishment. For example, if you end the Slime Trail combo (Forward+4,1,2) with the Slow Forceball, then immediately use Floating Ball to stop the projectile in place, you can follow with a Reptilian Dash that is very difficult to punish. With proper timing the Slow Forceball stops right in front of the opponent, which is right where Reptile stops if the Reptilian Dash is blocked. Normally the Reptilian Dash is easily punished if it’s blocked, but the Forceball makes it very difficult for an opponent to punish it without getting hit.

Of course your opponent can go right through it with an enhanced special move that has armor, but you’re making an opponent burn meter just to punish an attack that’s normally very unsafe. When you couple this ability with the enhanced versions of the Forceballs, things get even more difficult for your opponent. The Fast Slimeball (enhanced Forceball) travels much faster than the normal Forceball, and the Creeping Slimeball (enhanced Slow Forceball) travels much slower than the normal Slow Forceball. Mix these up to make it very difficult for your opponent to determine how they should deal with these projectile attacks.

If all of this weren’t enough, when any of the Forceballs hit they bounce your opponent into the air allowing Reptile to follow with a juggle combo. You can even use two Forceballs in a single combo with a Slow Forceball followed by a normal Forceball or vice versa depending on your timing.

Notation: Back, Forward+4
Enhanced: Yes, with armor.

Reptile’s Slide hits low and goes under most projectiles in the game. It’s very fast and very difficult to block if you’re no already blocking when it’s executed. The enhanced version (Slippery Slide) has armor, but neither version is safe if the opponent blocks so be careful when you use it. You can use this at the end of combos or as an overhead/low mix-up in the Bad Blood combo (Forward+4,1). The last hit in this combo is an overhead, but if you just do the Quick Knee (Forward+4) followed by the Slide, your opponent will expect the overhead and instead get hit with the low Slide.

Acid Spit
Notation: Down, Forward+1
Enhanced: Yes, but no armor.

The Acid Spit is Reptile’s more traditional projectile attack. It hits high which means your opponent can duck under it without having to block. It’s moderately fast, but only use it from a distance because Reptile can be punished if the opponent blocks. The enhanced version (Acid Puddle) creates an acid pool on the ground that causes damage over time while your opponent is standing in it.

Once again, you can end the Slime Trail combo (Forward+4,1,2) with the Acid Puddle and your opponent will take additional damage on the ground. This works especially well if you have an opponent trapped in the corner. Throw down the Acid Puddle then continue pressuring them in the corner while they’re taking damage over time.

Klaw Pounce
Notation: Down, Back+4
Enhanced: Yes, with armor.

The Klaw Pounce allows Reptile to jump over many attacks (mainly projectile attacks) and hit the opponent with an overhead that must be blocked standing. The attack is not safe if the opponent blocks, so use it primarily when you know it will hit (to punish projectile attacks or during a combo). The enhanced version (Klaw Bounce) bounces the opponent off the ground so you can follow with a juggle combo for additional damage.

With the Klaw Pounce and Slide Reptile can mix in an overhead or low at almost any point during his combos. While neither option is safe if the opponent blocks, it still gives Reptile a constant overhead/low mix-up. However, because both options can be punished, watch how your opponent is blocking and react accordingly. If they’re crouch blocking during a combo, use the Klaw Pounce, if they’re stand blocking, use the slide.

Klaw Swipe
Notation: Down, Back+2
Enhanced: Yes, with armor.

Anytime Reptile has meter to burn he can launch an opponent during a combo. The Klaw Swipe is just one of the many ways he can do this. The normal version of the Klaw Swipe simply knocks an opponent down (which allows for Forceball setups), but the enhanced version (Klaw Slash) bounces the opponent off the ground so you can follow with a juggle combo. Neither version is safe if the opponent blocks, but that’s a risk Reptile has to take with many of his special moves. Try to combo into it so you can guarantee it will connect.

Reptilian Dash
Notation: Back, Forward+2
Enhanced: Yes, but no armor.

The Reptilian Dash covers about half the screen and is one of Reptile’s fastest special moves next to the Slide. The normal version knocks the opponent down, while the enhanced version (Reptilian Smash) knocks the opponent into the air so you can follow with a juggle combo. Both versions are not safe if the opponent blocks, and both switch sides with the opponent.

This is best used to end combos if you have meter to burn, especially if you’re stuck in the corner and you want to turn the tables on your opponent. It’s fast and covers a decent amount of range, which makes it good for punishing attacks that would normally be too far away to punish properly.

Reptile Disfunction (X-Ray)

Reptile’s X-Ray covers about half the screen and can be used to end a combo just like most special moves. However, Reptile is a character that relies quite a bit on enhances special moves to extend combos for additional damage. He has a ton of special moves and many of them can extend combos if you use meter. This makes Reptile’s X-Ray very limited because you need to save your meter for enhanced special moves. Only use the X-Ray if you can finish off a match with it.

When you do use Reptile’s X-Ray, you can delay the attack by holding Block and Flip Stance, and even cancel it during the delay by pressing Forward, Forward or Back, Back. If the X-Ray is blocked Reptile does still have advantage so you can continue offensive pressure.

Basic Strategy

Reptile’s variations retain most of his basic attacks combos and special moves, which means his basic strategy offers quite a bit of versatility across all three variations. He has a lot of opportunities for overhead/low mix-ups with the Slide (low) and Klaw Pounce. If you have meter available to spend, you should almost always go for the Klaw Bounce so you can follow a successful hit with a juggle combo for additional damage.

While Reptile has a few safe options, you’re going to have to play a bit risky if you want to win matches. Most of Reptile’s overhead/low mix-ups are not safe if the opponent blocks, and a smart opponent will almost always block the overhead because Reptile’s low attacks don’t generally lead to much damage.

Slithering Slaps (Back+2) is a safe overhead attack that bounces the opponent off the ground and allows Reptile to follow with a number of options. If you have meter to burn you can use the enhanced Swamp Slam combo (Forward+2,1,1+3, Block) for an easy combo follow-up that extends your combo a second time for even more damage. You can also use the Creeping Slimeball (Down, Back+3+Block) then follow with almost anything and the slow-moving Forceball will keep Reptile relatively safe (an opponent can still use an enhanced special move with armor to get through this setup). If you have trouble following with any of these options you can go with a basic Slide for a low damage combo.

The Double Down (Back+3) and Spinning Carnivore (Forward+3) are safe low attacks, with Double Down leading into the Toxic combo (Back+3,4). Even if the Toxic combo is blocked, most characters can’t punish it, and those who can generally won’t be able to get much of a punishment. If Toxic connects you can follow with the Acid Puddle (Down, Forward+1+Block) to get some additional damage over time. A smart opponent can use certain special moves to get out of this, but it depends on the character. You can also fake this by using the normal Acid Spit instead, then block whatever special move your opponent uses to try to escape the setup.

Deadly Venom (1,4) is an interesting combo because you can end it with a Forceball and most opponents will stand up right into it. If they block the Forceball Reptile is left at advantage due to the timing of the Forceball (it hits meaty, meaning it’s already over the opponent as they stand up into it). This allows Reptile to continue offensive pressure if the Forceball is blocked, or go right into a juggle combo if it hits. You can also use a Slide which will connect if the combo hits, or even mix it in the Klaw Pounce overhead if you expect the opponent to block low. The Klaw Pounce will miss if the combo connects, which leaves Reptile vulnerable, but it’s a good mix-up if the opponent blocks.

Hybrid Krush (2,1) and Nocturnal (3,4) are good poking combos that you can use to force your opponent into an overhead/low mix-up. Follow the first two hits with either the Slide (for a low attack) or Klaw Pounce (for an overhead attack). You can also finish the Hybrid Krush string to create he Carnivore Bash combo (2,1,2,4), which launches the opponent into the air so you can follow with a juggle combo. This is a great way to punish an opponent after you block an unsafe attack.

Bad Blood (Forward+4,1) and Slime Trail (Forward+4,1,2) are also interesting combos. The second hit in both combos is an overhead (which you mix-up with a Slide for a quick overhead/low mix-up). Bad Blood is safe if the opponent blocks, while Slime Trail is difficult to punish. You can end Bad Blood with an overhead/low special move mix-up, or do the same for Slime Trail. However, if Slime Trail hits you can even add a Fast Slimeball (Down, Forward+3+Block) at the end to extend the combo (or use the enhanced version of Klaw Bounce).

The Slink (1,2,1), Just Hatched (1,4,1) and Amphibian Charge (Forward+2,1) combos are safe if the opponent blocks, which makes them decent poking combos. The Slithering Slam (Forward+2,1+3) and Swamp Slam (Forward+2,1,1+3) combos work well as a way to end juggle combos. You can also press Block during the last hit to burn meter and extend your combos by bouncing the opponent off the ground.

Deceptive Variant

The Deceptive variation gives Reptile the ability to turn invisible. You have two options when it comes to this trademark ability. If you don’t want to spend any meter you can use the basic Stealth (Down, Down+3) which turns Reptile invisible, but he has a Predator-like glimmer so your opponent can still see Reptile’s general location. If you hold 3 (Down, Down+Hold 3) Reptile will take a bit longer and turn completely invisible. You can also use Invisibility (Down, Down+3+Block) to go straight to being invisible at the cost of spending meter, but it also has armor.

While Reptile is invisible you can more around and attack like normal, but if you block anything or get hit you will become visible again. If you can avoid everything you will still become visible again after a short time. It’s best to use this after combos such as Deadly Venom (1,4). If the combo hits you can use Stealth and still be able block or use a special move with armor to go through anything your opponent attacks with once they get off the ground. If it’s blocked you can use Invisible to remain safe.

Generally speaking you want to use Stealth or Invisible when you have time to immediately apply pressure to your opponent. Once you have an opponent trapped in the corner, you can forgo damage by ending a juggle combo with Invisible, then continue to apply pressure while the opponent can’t see Reptile’s overhead/low mix-ups.

Nimble Variant

Reptile’s only addition in the Nimble variation is Basilisk (Down, Down+3) and the enhanced version, Basilisk Runner. Using either technique causes a green aura to fill the screen as Reptile moves faster and the opponent moves slower. Gravity is also adjusted which allows Reptile to perform combos he would normally not be able to do. The one drawback of Basilisk is that Reptile cannot block while the ability is active, and there’s a short cool down time before he can use the ability again once it wears off. Also, if Reptile gets hit the ability wears off immediately.

A good setup for this is to use the Slime Trail combo (Forward+4,1,2) with the last hit canceled into Basilisk Runner. From here you can follow with Slide, Slide, Forward+4, Slide, 1,4, Slow Forceball. At this point the opponent will be on the ground with the Slow Forceball heading toward them and you can go for another overhead/low mix-up that’s safe due to the Slow Forceball.

Noxious Variant

The Noxious variation gives Reptile a Poison Gas special move (Down, Down+3). By default Reptile always has a cloud of poison gas surrounding him. If the opponent is close to Reptile they will take a small amount of damage over time. Using the Poison Gas special move increases the damage and the range of the poison gas cloud. The enhanced version (Toxic Fumes) increases the damage over time even more.

While the poison gas cloud always gives Reptile a bit of damage anytime the opponent is close enough (even while Reptile is getting hit), this works very well when you have an opponent cornered. Get them into the corner then end a combo with Poison Gas or Toxic Fumes and continue to apply pressure. If you can get an Acid Puddle on the ground as well you can inflict solid damage just by staying close to the opponent.

Sample Combos

21 percent – 2,1,2,4, Forward+2,1,1+3
29 percent – Back+3, Klaw Slash, Neutral Jump Punch (1 or 2), 2,1, Forward+4,1,2, Slide
31 percent – Forward+4,2,1, Forceball, Back Jump Punch, Forward Jump Punch, 1, Forward+4,2,1, Slide


Bad Breath – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, 4 (Close)
Acid Bath – Down, Down, Back, Forward, 1 (Close)


Acid Wash – Inflict more than 30 percent damage with Acid Spit (Down, Forward+1) during the match, then kill the opponent with Acid Spit.

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