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Mortal Kombat X – How to Play Jacqui Briggs: Combos and Strategies

by Bryan Dawson

Jacqui Biggs, daughter of Jax Briggs, takes after her father quite a bit. She’s fast, extremely agile and is all about keeping pressure on an opponent. A vast majority of her normal attacks and combos leaver her even when blocked (at 0), but her speed means she has the advantage against most characters. To compensate for this, most of her special moves are not safe if the opponent blocks them. While there are exceptions depending on which variant you’re using, you should only cancel her normal attacks and combos into special moves if they hit the opponent. Otherwise finish the combo string and continue to apply pressure.

Notation Key

1 – Square/X
2 – Triangle/Y
3 – X/A
4 – Circle/B

Air Ground Smash
Notation: Down, Down+4 (in the air)
Enhanced Version: Yes, but no armor.

If you’re familiar with Jax’s Ground Pound, you should be right at home with Jacqui’s Air Ground Smash. While it can only be done in the air, the effect is essentially the same. It hits low and can even be used after a jumping 3 for a quick two-hit combo. The enhanced version does not have any armor, but you can fake the attack by pressing Down, Up+4, but if the opponent guesses you’re going to fake the input, he or she can punish you for it.

Forces Rush
Notation: Back, Forward+1
Enhanced Version: Yes, with armor.

Jacqui’s Forces Rush is a solid combo ender that should be used after Bionic Dash for a fairly impressive and easy to perform combo. Depending on the combo the timing can be a little strict, but overall this is a pretty easy combo to pull off. The attack is unsafe if the opponent blocks, so it should only be used when it’s guaranteed to connect at the end of a combo.

Bionic Dash
Notation: Back, Forward+2
Enhanced Version: Yes, with armor.

The Bionic Dash covers a decent amount of range and executes quickly, but like many of Jacqui’s other special moves, it’s not safe if the opponent blocks it. When it connects, it knocks the opponent into the air, allowing you to follow with a combo in the corner or Forces Rush in open space. Anytime you’re ending a grounded combo you should use Bionic Dash so you can follow with Forces Rush.

Gauntlet Strike
Notation: Back, Forward+4
Enhanced Version: Yes, with armor.

Jacqui’s Gauntlet Strike is an automatic combo that should be used after her Forward+2 overhead attack as an easy two-hit combo. While the attack is not safe if the opponent blocks, it will not execute if the overhead attack is blocked, so you can attempt to do the two-hit combo every time you try the overhead. The Gauntlet Strike can also be used as an alternate combo ender replacing Bionic Dash and Forces Rush.

Tech Shield
Notation: Down, Back+1
Enhanced Version: Yes, but no armor.

The regular version of the Tech Shield absorbs projectile attacks. The enhanced version reflects the projectile back at the opponent. It’s fairly easy to time the normal version, but the enhanced version can be difficult to time correctly, especially if you’re not a full screen length away from the opponent when they use a projectile attack.

Chest Kavity (X-Ray)

Jacqui’s X-Ray has good range and can be used after several of her combos for 30-40 percent damage. It works well after her Downward Hammer overhead (Back+2) or after Back Shot (Forward+1, 2, 2+4) in the Shotgun variant. If it’s blocked, Jacqui is safe from punishment.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy with Jacqui is simple. You should be applying pressure at all times. The variant you choose determines how you’re applying that pressure, but Jacqui is all about speed and keeping her opponent pinned down with a flurry of attacks. Many of her combos can be canceled into specific special moves from each variant to keep her at advantage and allow her to continue offensive pressure. In addition, her Down+3 executes very fast and leaves her at advantage if the opponent blocks, which is useful to interrupt an opponent’s attack and start your own offense.

Full Auto Variant

The Full Auto variant allows Jacqui to keep pressure up by ending blocked combos with the Up Rocket (Down, Back+2). When this attack is blocked, Jacqui has significant advantage and can attack with almost any other combo without being interrupted. Unfortunately this attack hits high, which means it will miss if the opponent is ducking during the combo. In this instance, use the Enhanced Up Rocket or stop the combo short and transition into the Downward Hammer overhead (Back+2).

Jacqui can also end combos with the Low Rocket to knock an opponent into the air for a juggle. Do not use it if the opponent blocks or they can interrupt the attack. In addition, the Enhanced Low Rocket (Rocket Crater) can be held for a delayed explosion that can get you out of a sticky situation and prevent an opponent from attacking.

Shotgun Variant

In the Shotgun variant, you should be using the Tank (1,2,1) and Red Team (Forward+1,2) combos, ending with the Single Barrel special move (Down, Forward+2) to maintain advantage, then follow with another combo. You can mix in the Low Blast to keep your opponent on their toes. If the first part of Red Team connects, complete the Back Shot (Forward+1,2,2+4) combo and follow with a run canceled into another combo, or Forces Rush, Bionic Dash or Gauntlet Strike if you want an easier conversion. If you have an X-Ray available you can also use that immediately after Back Shot.

High Tech Variant

The High Tech variant gives Jacqui the Quick Burst (Down, Forward+2) special move, which leaves her at advantage after  a blocked Bouncing Betty (1,2,1,2) combo, or another combo of your choice. You can follow a blocked Quick Burst with a Quick Jab (1), Low Metal (Down+1) or throw to train your opponent not to attack, then you can use slower attacks such as Downward Hammer (Back+2) or the Turnaround Punch (Forward+2), which both lead into combos.

Another unique aspect of this variant is the Gauntlet Spark. This increases Jacqui’s damage output for a limited time and can be used twice for maximum damage. Using the enhanced version once provides the same damage increase as using the Gauntlet Spark twice.

Sample Combos

21 Percent Damage – Back+2, Back, Forward+3
20 Percent Damage – Jump Forward, 1, 1,2,1, Back, Forward+2, Back, Forward+1
40 Percent Damage – Jump Forward, 1, Forward+1,2,2+4, X-Ray (Shotgun Variant only)


Blown Out – Forward, Back, Forward, Back, 2 (Close)
Fist Pump – Forward, Down, Back, 4 (Close)


Mind Blown – Kill the opponent with a Bionic Blast (Back, Forward+2+Block) and press Forward, Forward, Forward during the attack animation.

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