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Mortal Kombat 11: Shang Tsung Fatalities

by John Cooper

Shang Tsung is among us once more. Played by the same actor who portrayed him in the Mortal Kombat movie that was released in 1995, this sorcerer isn’t pulling his punches. As well as being able to summon the dead in order to pull off some of his more gruesome moves, he can also take on the form of his opponents and use their attacks. It makes him an intensely fun character to play as, and a rather frustrating one to play against. 

Of course, out of all of his moves, the ones that are the most interesting are the Mortal Kombat 11 Shang Tsung Fatalities. Both of these will leave you able to gloat about your victory for weeks, and they definitely mark you as the victor. So, here is how you can pull off these incredible attacks. 

Mortal Kombat 11 Shang Tsung Fatalities 

Kondemned To The Damned (Mid-range) 

In this Fatality Shang Tsung suspends his opponent in mid-air and opens up a portal below them. Will he throw them into it or will he use it to cut them in half? Neither, as it turns out, he summons two undead to tear his opponent to shreds before ripping out their skeleton. It definitely ends the fight. 

  • Back, Forward, Down, Down, Square (PS4)
  • Back, Forward, Down, Down, X (Xbox One)
  • Back, Forward, Down, Down, Y (Switch)

Shokan Reborn (Mid-range) 

This Fatality has our mighty sorcerer summoning a Shokan. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that he summons said Shokan within his opponent, which leads to a lot more arms than there should be before a rather brutal coming out party. It’s pretty grim, but hey, it’s Mortal Kombat 11. 

  • Back, Forward, Back, Circle (PS4)
  • Back, Forward, Back, B (Xbox One)
  • Back, Forward, Back, A (Switch)

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