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Monster Hunter World Leshen Guide: How to Defeat the Leshen

by Ginny Woo

Trying to get ready for the beasties that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is going to throw at you? Then you’re probably working your way through the myriad of optional, higher-rank events that Monster Hunter World has accumulated over the years since its release. One such crossover event that was highly-anticipated is the Monster Hunter World x Witcher series of quests, and many considered these distinct from the other seasonal events because, well, you get to play as Geralt. With a whole host of new playable mechanics and ways to interact with the world as the Butcher of Blaviken, it’s an iconic crossover and the fact that it’s a persistent event means that you can enjoy it at your leisure. It has an unusually tough boss fight, so let our Monster Hunter World Leshen guide show you how to defeat this latest monster.

Monster Hunter World Leshen Guide: How to Defeat the Leshen

In order to actually unlock the ability to defeat the Leshen and to get the necessary quest, you’ll have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least Hunter Rank 16
  2. Initiate the Witcher crossover storyline by speaking to the Felyne in blue armor in front of the Provisions Stockpile
  3. Follow the steps of that quest and agree to play as Geralt

You’ll be given the quest to take down the Leshen if you meet all the above requirements, and this otherworldly being is going to set up shop in the Ancient Forest. What makes this particular beast so difficult to initially take down isn’t just the fact that you’ll be bereft of a lot of your usual hunter tricks; there are some handy immunities and general combat information that you’ll want to note about the Leshen:

  • It can summon ads in the form of Revoltures and Jagras to overwhelm you
  • It resists Water and the Sleep debuff
  • It’s weak to Fire, Dragon, and Thunder elements (Fire is the most effective)
  • You can snap off its Antlers, Body, and Legs

When you first encounter the Leshen, it’s going to bullrush you. It’s incredibly aggressive, and you’re not going to be able to get away with ducking and weaving amongst the ferns with this one. One tip that we have for you is to make frequent use of the Igni skill which playing as Geralt nets you. You also have a ton of health regen, so we’d advise not skimping on that when you need it either. The Leshen is annoying because it’s a frequently teleporting foe, so make sure you learn what the flickering tell is and don’t waste your fire attacks on it then. 

You can also use Igni to clear out the adds that get summoned by the Leshen. We find that the Jagras are particularly susceptible to such things. You’re free to stall the adds if you prefer while you focus on lopping off different bits of the Leshen (you’ll need its Antlers to upgrade your sword and shield) and stunning it. When the world’s most annoying sentient tree starts to plant itself in the ground, make sure that you have your shield up because it’s going to hit hard. Just stay smart about timing your attacks and making the most of any in-game knowledge you might have from playing The Witcher series.

The Monster Hunter World Leshen is definitely challenging if you’re hitting it as a fresh Hunter Rank 16 player, so don’t underestimate it just because Geralt looks like he’s got his butt-kicking outfit on. Want to know what changes are coming to weapons in Iceborne? Check out our Monster Hunter World Iceborne weapon moves guide for more. 


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