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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Weapon Moves Guide

by Ginny Woo

With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on the horizon, there’s been no shortage of teasers from Capcom about what veteran Hunters can expect from the frosty new experience. It’s not just the flora and fauna that are getting an overhaul: there’s going to be some changes to how weapons work too. Check out this Monster Hunter World Iceborne weapon moves guide to see the new updates and abilities that are going to be added to your arsenal of aggression. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Weapon Moves Guide

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest Monster Hunter World Iceborne developments, you might be surprised to note that there’s actually going to be a new weapon introduced — the Clutch Claw. On top of that, there are a bunch of other changes which seek to improve player mobility and mods to various weapons, so check out our list below for some of the confirmed changes that will be coming as part of this expansion.


No need to play Overwatch to get your Double Dragon fill. You can now do one better in Monster Hunter World Iceborne; a new move called Thousand Dragons is available to Bow users. It’ll make you use up all of your Slinger ammo and is a close-range attack that does more damage scaled off the ammo that you had to use. 

Charge Axe

Charge Axe users can now cancel attacks into what’s called the Savage Axe Slash. This is a multi-directional attack which is handy in dire circumstances, especially if you’re caught off-guard. You’re also going to acquire what’s called the Power Axe form — a way to improve on your substantial damage-dealing abilities. Once you activate Savage Axe Slash, you’ll be able to segue smoothly into Power Axe form so long as you have at least one Phial in your arsenal. Combining the Clutch Claw with the Charge Axe will let you slash at whatever monster you’ve grappled, and if the circumstances are right, you’ll be able to cripple it.

Clutch Claw

This is a new tool which will help you grab on to different parts of monsters, allowing you new combo opportunities. Embedding it in an already wounded part of a monster will make you twice as effective, and you can even use it to steer monsters into traps if you’re smart about it. 

Dual Blades

If you thought that you were speedy before, you’re about to feel like Sonic. Dual Blades users will be getting a new dodge if they have Slinger ammo, and you’ll also be able to tag a monster with the Clutch Claw while in Demon Mode. Think about just scaling the side of a beast while you’re trying to mess with it. Sounds dope, right?

Great Sword

This weapon’s True Charge Slash has been buffed because of a new combo set-up. If you hit two attacks in quick succession after True Charge Slash has been activated, you’ll receive a handy damage boost that’ll be indicated when you glow red. Also, you can pop off at the hip with your Slinger when you’re in the middle of this combo without breaking the chain of attack, and if you’re using the Clutch Claw, you’ll be able to stick your sword into a monster if you get the timing just right on the mount. 


Low on custom ammo? No worries, mate. Any ammo that you pick up in the wild can now be used with Wyrmstake Blast, which will take up whatever Slinger ammo you have to stick a pin in the monster that you’re fighting — hammering away at this will help you chain on a ton of damage. 


There aren’t any real major changes for Hammer users, but you can now use your Slinger while also charging your Hammer. Multitasking is for pros! You also have a variety of different ways to tack onto the side of whatever angry monster is out for your blood. A midair grapple will throw you into a Flying Smash, and those who fancy themselves a little more acrobatic can try their hand at a Spinning Bludgeon attack which is when you propel yourself off the environment in a whirling dervish. 

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun users will enjoy new mods as part of Iceborne, including the Wyvernheart mod. This lets you deal extra damage for hits that you can tack on using the right attack. There’s also the Wyvernsnipe mod which will let you live out your Tom Clancy: Splinter Cell dreams by enabling fully-functional sniping reticles. You’ll be notified when you’re at the right range for massive damage, and using the Clutch Claw will let you attach to a monster and fire off rapidfire blasts into it. 

Hunting Horn

Remember Beyblades? Yeah, that’s going to be you if you’re a Hunting Horn user. You’ll be able to stick your Horn in the ground like some kind of revolving, screeching instrument of death. It’ll do immense amounts of damage if it connects with something, so if you see that Anjanath coming towards you, get planting. You have two new tunes to use as well, the Impact Echo Wave for damage, and the Extended Health Recovery banger to give you some breathing room. 

Insect Glaive

If you fancy yourself an Insect Glaive fanatic, you’ll enjoy the new move that they’ve added for you, which is a Downward Stab which you can execute mid-air. Using this move will tip your Kinsect off to an exploitable part on the monster’s body, and you’ll also be able to amplify your damage using the Clutch Claw and rattling off some slashes onto your foe before you have to reposition. 


Lancers now can enjoy the benefits of a new Guard stance which lets you rotate around to deal with multi-directional threats. You can also shoot stuff with Slinger Ammo, and use your Claw to counter hits — a successful counter will let you tag onto a monster and to dig your lance into it. 

Light Bowgun

If you have the Light Bowgun, you’ll be able to use the Clutch Claw and it interchangeably at range. If you tack onto a monster with your claw, you’ll do a sick kickflip and also shoot a Wyvernblast into an area that you’re targeting. If you’re smart about it, you can make the most of your Evading Reload bowgun mod which gives you an extra ability to dodge. Going forward, you’ll also be able to fire Wyvernblasts forward instead of just into the ground. 

Long Sword

There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s called the Special Sheath. Capcom is taking your prehistoric katana fantasies to the next level by giving you two new attacks: Iai Slash and Iai Spirit Slash. If you use the latter as a blow is incoming from an enemy, it nullifies any resource cost to you, encouraging a high-risk, high-reward playstyle for those wanting to dance with a Deviljho. Tagging a monster  with a Clutch Claw as a Long Sword user will give you a chance for your target to drop Slinger ammo. 

Sword and Shield

If you’re using the Sword and Shield, you might feel like you’re missing out on the visceral action of something like the Insect Glaive. We’re happy to report that Iceborne has the solution for you – you can uppercut a monster now with the Clutch Claw, which will also let you attach yourself to it. You also have a new move called the Perfect Rush Combo, which you can activate after putting some space between you and your enemy for some big damage points.

Switch Axe

There are some new moves in your arsenal if you’re a Switch Axe user. You’ll get something called the Heavy Slam, which is activatable once you’ve landed a few hits. You’re not just animation-locked into your most aggressive moves anymore; you can now put some distance between you and your foes, or do what’s called a Fade Slash which makes you lash out as you dodge backward. Going all in is a lot safer now. Furthermore, being in Sword mode will let you use the Clutch Claw if you’ve got Element Discharge primed. If you’re amped up when you attach yourself to the monster, the damage from Element Discharge will go off once you’re mounted. 

Now that you have a complete list of the new Monster Hunter World Iceborne weapon moves, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when the expansion finally drops on 6 September. If you’re confused about what sort of monsters you’re going to have to prepare for, check our Monster Hunter World guides hub for more information about that too. 

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