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Monster Hunter: World – How to Use the Melding Pot

by Josh Hawkins

As you progress through Monster Hunter: World you will unlock more and more ways to get the items that you need to keep growing stronger. One particularly useful item that you’ll unlock in Monster Hunter: World is the Melding Pot, which allows you to ‘melt’ down items that you don’t need to accrue points, which you can then use to obtain new items. If this all sounds a bit too confusing, then don’t worry, we’ve broken down how to use the Melding Pot in Monster Hunter: World, as well as gone into details about how the Melding Pot works in the article below.

How to Use the Melding Pot

Using the Melding Pot is very easy, and all you will need to do is progress through the game until you reach close to the end of the Coral Highlands questline. Around this time you’ll unlock access to the Melding Pot, which looks like a massive cauldron pot in the center of Astera. Getting used to the Melding Pot can be a bit intimidating, as things are a little complicated when you first dive in. Just be patient and we’ll explain everything throughout the article.

The most basic way to explain how the Melding Pot works is to imagine that you drop different items into the pot and they are melted, allowing you to earn Melding Points. These Melding Points can then be used alongside of Research Points to purchase new items from the Melding Pot.

When using the Melding Pot, find items that you don’t need and speak with the Elder Melder. Here you’ll be able to choose which items you want to meld into points. You can then use these points to create other items. Each item that you want to craft will require specific items that you need to break down in order to get the fuel that you need to make the item. This means you don’t want to just mindlessly break items down, as they won’t always work as fuel for the items that you are trying to build.

For example, if you’re trying to craft an item like Odogaron Plate, you’ll need a specific item like Silver Wyverian Print in order to get the Melding Points that you need. Other items like the Mega Potion will require less specific items, though, so make sure you check the list of items that you can meld down in order to get the fuel that you need to create new items. Of course, crafting Mega Potions at the Melding Pot isn’t the best way to make use of the resources you have at your disposal, so you’ll want to make sure you aren’t wasting resources at the pot as well.

Now that you know a bit more about the Melding Pot and how it works, head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more helpful information like how to find Vespoid and how to use the Hammer.

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