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Monster Hunter: World – How to Fix Screen Flickering on Xbox One

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter: World has been out for a few days now, and while the game hasn’t had any major issues since it’s release last week, some Xbox One owners have reported an issue with the screen flickering while they play. The good news is this issue isn’t permanent, and while you wait on the developers to release a fix, there is something you can do on your console to help stop the screen flickering, so you can get back to hunting monsters in peace. In this article we’ll cover how to fix screen flicker in Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One.

Keep in mind that this might not resolve the issue for everyone. As with any workaround, there are always chances of success and failure. However, making the changes that we list below can possibly resolve the issue while you wait on an official fix.

How to Fix Screen Flickering on Xbox One

If you’re experiencing this annoying bug on the Xbox One, then there is something you can do to try to resolve the issue. Several users have reported success by lowering the resolution and the recording time of the clips system built into the Xbox One. We’ve outlined all the steps you need to follow below.

  • First, press the Xbox button on the controller to open up the Guide.
  • Once the Guide is open, scroll over to the System tab.
  • Inside the System tab look for the All Settings option. Click on it.
  • Now you’re going to look for the Preferences tab and click on it.
  • Next, look out for the Broadcast and Capture option and open it up.
  • Inside this menu look for the Game Clip Resolution option and highlight it to get several options.
  • Here you need to change the resolution to 720P and the ‘Record that’ duration to under 2 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also access these settings by double tapping the big X button on the controller, when you are in a game. From here you can then navigate to Broadcast and Capture using the RB button. Once here, select Advanced Settings and then changed the resolution and recording time to the options we listed above.

Once that’s done, close out of the settings and relaunch Monster Hunter: World. If you were having the screen flickering issue before, this should get rid of it. However, as we stated above, this is just a workaround that the community has found, and it may not completely resolve the issue for everybody.

If this doesn’t resolve the issues that you’ve been having, then you’ll need to wait on an official fix to be released by the developers. Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any other known fixes for this issue, so just be patient and we’re sure that Capcom will release a new update for the game soon that should resolve the issue for everyone.

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