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Monster Hunter: World – How to Defeat Nergigante

by Josh Hawkins

The final Monster Hunter: World beta is upon us, and fans around the world are digging into the small sliver of new content that Capcom has introduced to them. One of the biggest additions to the beta is the inclusion of a hunt that allows players to go up against one of Monster Hunter: World’s elder dragons—which are meant to be some of the most powerful beasts in the game. In this article we’ll show you how to find Nergigante’s weakness and defeat it in Monster Hunter: World to exploit it for your own gain.

How to Find Nergigante

Your journey to take down Nergigante will begin once you receive the quest ‘The Insatiable Nergigante’. Once you accept this mission you’ll travel out to the Wildspire Waste, which is an area made up of sand dunes and muddy swamplands. This area is made up of two vastly different ecosystems, so expect plenty of monsters that take advantage of each one. One thing to keep in mind when exploring this area is that stumbling upon Nergigante, and even moving into medium range with it will cause the beast to attack. Keep that in mind as you prepare to take it on.

How to Find Nergigante’s Weakness

Nergigante is a very fearsome creature—by every right—and is no doubt going to be one of the most dangerous enemies that you fight during your time in the game. The beast is also extremely massive, and you won’t find many monsters much bigger than this. The good news is, taking Nergigante down in the beta is not nearly as hard as you might think.

While the monster does a ton of damage, it doesn’t have a lot of health. This means that your chances of taking it down are going to be much greater if you stay on the move and focus on the weak spots. Nergigante’s weak spots can be found in the belly and the back legs. You’ll want to focus on these areas as much as possible to increase your chances of surviving the fight and taking this beast down.

Once you have weakened Nergigante enough, it will begin to limp. This will let you know that the monster is almost dead, which means you can move in for your final assault. If you pay attention to the weak spots, and focus on them as much as possible, the fight should only take you around 15 minutes to pull off. Once you beat Nergigante you’ll receive a pack of consumables that you can make use of in later battles.

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