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Monster Hunter: World Defender Armor and Weapons Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Monster Hunter: World players on PC will soon be able to dive into the exciting new Iceborne expansion on January 9th. To help newer players or those who have not yet finished the story of the title ahead of the Iceborne release, a new set of Defender Armor and Weapons have been added to the game for free to help players become even more powerful hunters. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about these now available items covered for you. 

Monster Hunter: World Defender Armor

You can equip your Defender Armor by making your way to the armory and purchasing it. Those who have the Defender Armor equipped will gain the benefits of boosted maximum health, increased healing effects, and a reduction in damage taken. Players can upgrade the Defender Armor through the Monster Hunter: World story. You can find all of the skills that come with these pieces of gear below:

  • Recovery Up, Lv. 3: Increases the amount recovered when restoring health by 30%. A Potion that heals 35 health now heals 45 and Mega Potion that heals 70 will now restore 91 health with this skill.
  • Marathon Runner, Lv. 3: Slows down stamina depletion for actions that continuously drain stamina (such as sprinting) by 50%.
  • Health Boost, Lv. 3: Increases maximum player health by 50. Combine this with eating a meal, and you’ll begin every quest with 150-200 health!
  • Divine Blessing, Lv. 3: Gives you a chance to decrease damage taken by 50%.

These pieces of equipment will help players have a much better chance of surviving all of the adrenaline-fueled encounters the high-profile game has to offer.  

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Defender Weapons

The new weapons can also be acquired at the Armory and offer players who utilize them with a significant increase in their attack power. They are also available for all 14 weapon types, which means you will not have to possibly stop using your favorite style of weapon to gain the benefits of what these new weapons offer. 

Both of these equipment groups will provide you with plenty of support to experience the entirety of the Monster Hunter: World story just in time to be ready to dive right into the highly anticipated Iceborne expansion and the new adventures it has waiting. 

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