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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin
Screenshot by Prima Games

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Rite of Channeling Guide

Don't ask what happens to the Monsties that disappear...

Every Monstie comes with their own genetic makeup and abilities in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Some will be better than others, and your Monstie’s genes will play a large part in terms of how successful they will be in battle. Thankfully, though, you can tweak a Monstie’s genes by splicing them with other Monsties using the Rite of Channeling.

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What Are Genes in Monster Hunter Stories 2 (MHS2)?

Genes are basically abilities in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Some of these abilities can be used in battle, while others are passive abilities that endow the Monstie with more health or make them resistant to environmental effects such as Frostbite.

These abilities can be taken from one Monstie and given to another via the Rite of Channeling.

How to Transfer Genes in MHS2

To transfer genes, you must first unlock the Rite of Channeling. This will happen naturally as you progress through the story, but only when you reach the end of the second area. Once unlocked, you can access the Rite of Channeling at the Stable.

Rite of Channeling at Stable
Screenshot by Prima Games

When using the Rite of Channeling, begin by choosing the Monstie you want to inherit the new gene. From there, select the Monstie you wish to transfer a gene from. It is worth noting that using the Rite of Channeling to take an ability from one Monstie and give it to another makes the donor-Monstie disappear. Always double-check to make sure you aren’t going to get rid of a Monstie you want to keep!

Once you’ve made your choice of donor and inheritor, take a look at the 3×3 table below each Monstie. These are your Monstie’s genes.

Monster Hunter Stories Right of Channeling Inheritor
Screenshot by Prima Games

Pick one gene from the Monstie you don’t want anymore and place it in an empty slot on the Monstie you want to upgrade. Press Channel to confirm your choice and transfer the ability. There is a good chance not all of your Monstie’s slots will be unlocked yet. Some slots unlock via level-up, while others require Ritual Items that you can purchase from Melynx Inc. or receive as quest rewards.

After transferring, the Monstie inheriting the ability will be able to use their new move, while the other Monstie will disappear. There are only a certain number of slots available in the Stable, so the Rite of Channeling is an excellent way to upgrade your existing monsters while clearing space for new ones.

How to Get Upgrades and Bingo Bonuses

Those are the basics of the Rite of Channeling, but there is a lot more to the mechanic than just that. Once you get more familiar with the process, you can start exploring Bingo Bonuses and upgrades, which can power up your Monsties even more.

Bingo Bonuses occur when you line up three of the same elements or type in your gene grid. This can be done vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. The direction itself doesn’t matter. All that matters is lining up three Power moves, three Tactical moves, or three Speed moves. You can also line up three abilities of the same element, so three fire moves, three ice moves, or three dragon moves, for example, to earn a bonus and make them even stronger.

Monster Hunter Stories Right of Channeling
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can see how much stronger your abilities will be by checking out the Post-Channeling menu on the right side of the Rite of Channeling screen.

Upgrading genes works a little differently. Monsties cannot have multiples of the same ability. So, if your Monstie already has the Rampage ability in its gene table, you cannot add it to another slot and use the same ability twice. You can, however, stack the abilities on top of each other to make them stronger.

The Rite of Channeling in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a diverse mechanic that can have some incredible rewards, especially once you’ve chosen your final team. Try playing around with Monsties and their abilities to create powerhouses of certain attack types or more well-rounded Monsties, and see what suits your playstyle best.

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