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Monster Hunter Rise | Insect Glaive Guide

by Jesse Vitelli

Monster Hunter Rise has a myriad of different weapons, and finding one you like is part of the fun. Let’s talk about the Insect Glaive and how to use it in Monster Hunter Rise!

Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Guide

The Insect Glaive was always known as the weapon that allowed you to jump and glide across the battlefield. Now with the addition of the Wirebug, every class can get a level of verticality, but the INsect Galive still excels in this area far beyond other weapons.

Hitting ZR+B will launch you into the air, and from here, you have a few different options. Quickly hit B when in the air to perform a midair evade, which is great for getting out of a situation quickly and without harm.

If you hit A while in the air, you will do a jumping slash. If you connect with the enemy the glaive will use some stamina to launch you back into the air. This can be combined with the midair evade to keep yourself bouncing around in the air. 

It will take a lot of practice to get a feel for your spacing, but once you’ve mastered it, you will never touch the ground. 

Combine this with your new silkbind moves and you start to create something really amazing.


Before we get into Silkbind attacks, though, we need to talk about another unique feature of the Insect Glaive. The weapon has something known as a Kinsect, which can be launched out of the weapon using ZR+X. Depending on what you’re targeting, the Kinsect will collect different essences. 

Red essence will boost your attack power, White will increase your jump height, and orange will prevent knockback. You can use ZR to target different body parts to mix and match the essence you are gathering. This will be crucial if you want to maximize your weapons ability.

You can also purchase different Kinsects from the Weaponsmith.&nbsp


The Silkbind attacks are not revolutionary but will provide you with some more moves in your kit.

The Silkbind Vault is used to launch yourself in the air and do a sweeping attack with the ZL+X when your weapon is drawn. It’s great for getting a quick and dirty hit on a Monster.

The other silkbind move for the Insect Glaive is the Recall Kinsect move performed with the ZL+A when your weapon is drawn. This both recalls your Kinsect and pulls you away from a fight. This is great when your Kinsect is low on stamina or you need a quick retreat from battle. 

Here is the Moveset for the Insect Glaive

  • X = Rising Slash Combo
  • Left Stick + X = Thrust
  • A = Wide Sweep
  • Left Stick + A = Leaping Slash
  • ZR+X = Kinsect: harvest Extract
  • ZR+A = Kinsect: recall
  • ZR+R = Kinsect: Fire
  • ZR = Kinsect: Mark Target
  • X in mid air = Aerial Attack
  • A in mid air = Jumping Advance Slash
  • B in mid air = Mid Air Evade
  • ZL+X = Silkbind Vault
  • ZL+A = Recall Kinsect

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise. For more tips and tricks, be sure to stay connected with Prima Games on Facebook and Twitter.


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