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Monster Hunter Rise | Greatsword Guide

by Jesse Vitelli

The Greatsword is an extremely powerful weapon in Monster Hunter when wielded by newbies or veterans alike. Here is our guide on how to use the Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise | Greatsword Guide


The Greatsword is an extremely slow but powerful weapon. When the weapon is drawn you will move around at a snail’s pace so it’s all about positioning yourself strategically. It becomes much more about anticipating where the monster will be rather than where it currently is.

Holding X will initiate Charged Slash which becomes more powerful the longer you hold it down. The charge will change the color of the weapon with each successful charge. You can’t move while this is happening so be sure you’re ready to commit when the time comes.

After hitting your Charged Slash hit and hold X again to perform a True Charged Slash. This attack will hit twice and do extra damage if the first hits a weak point on the monster. 

Another important note about the Greatsword is learning how to tackle it efficiently. Hitting the A button while in a charge state will cancel you out of the charge, but you will hit whatever’s in front of you with a tackle. Making contact with the monster this way will grant you a special buff that prevents you from being flinched or blown away. 

It’s important to get a tackle in before committing to the Charged Slash. 


The Greatsword has two silkbind attacks. The first one is the Hunting Edge which is performed by hitting ZL+X. This will fling you into the air with a leaping slash. If you make contact with the monster you’ll be launched into the air again for a second strike.

The other Silkbind attack is the Power Sheathe. This is performed by hitting ZL+A. The Power Sheathe will increase the attack damage of your next few weapon attacks. It’s great for getting in some early hits. 

Greatsword Moves

  • X = Overhead Smash
  • A = Wide Sweep
  • X+A = Rising Slash
  • A while charging = Tackle
  • ZR mid air = Plunging Thrust
  • ZR = Guard
  • Holding X = Charged SLash
  • ZL+X = Hunting Edge
  • ZL+A = Power Sheathe 

Well, that’s everything you need to get started with the Greatsword. For more tips and tricks about Monster Hunter Rise and more be sure to check out Prima Games and the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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