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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Tips to Kill Monsters

by Prima Games Staff

Going on your first hunt in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can be nerve-wracking. Perhaps you’ve never hunted before. Do you know how to prepare? Considering this is your first time hunting, we put together these tips to give you an edge against the game’s monsters.

Know your enemy

Preparation is always important before heading into the wild and hunting a monster. Luckily, you have the privilege of purchasing several books at markets that get added to your Monster List. The books contain vital information on monsters, brief descriptions and perhaps a hint or two of their weaknesses.

Upgrading is vital

One word: upgrade! After all, the point of Monster Hunter is to kill or capture different creatures. As you get further into the game, the more difficult this becomes. Materials like Orbs and Relics, for example, are important for upgrading your weapons and equipment. As with our tip above, certain monsters may base their attacks with a particular element– be sure you’re upgrading water-resistant armor, for example, against a water-type enemy before approaching it.

Gotta catch ‘em all

The game doesn’t provide much information on capturing monsters, at least when you start. If a mission involves capturing a monster, the Supply Box will usually include a monster trap such as a Pitfall Trap or Shock Trap (which can also be crafted by combining items). Some monsters are immune to certain traps, so keep that in mind.

This is another feature that takes practice – the most efficient time to capture a monster is when it’s severely wounded and limping. Once you lead the monster into a trap, avoid attacking it with your weapon and use Tranq Bombs repeatedly to knock it out.  Capturing monsters will reward you with various bonuses that are usually better than materials you’ll find from carving your prey.

Since Tranq Bombs are an important asset in capturing, we’ll tell you how to make one. Remember, scavenge items in the wild and purchase them at markets. To craft a Tranq Bomb, combine a Sap Plant with Iron Ore or Stone to make a Bomb Casing. Then combine the Bomb Casing with a Tranquilizer (made from a Sleep Herb and Parashroom) to develop a Tranq Bomb. Easy enough, right?

Try making it a fair fight

You may find yourself overwhelmed battling numerous monsters at once. As you fight a boss, other monsters might appear. Although this can be a good thing (since monsters may attack each other), overall it’s rather annoying because you’ll eventually get attacked from multiple directions. At times this is unavoidable, but try to lure your primary target to an unoccupied area. If you don’t, you’ll quickly run out of healing items.  

Expect the unexpected

The more damage you cause to a monster, the more aggressive it gets. If you think battling a boss is easy, rest assured you’ll anger it more. Most beasts have a tendency to unleash a variation of stronger and faster attacks as the battle rages on. You will need to switch up your game and carefully plan your next set of attacks.   

Watch your target’s patterns

Perhaps the most important tip of them all, your main goal when battling monsters is to carefully watch their patterns. If you think you can waltz in and attack unharmed, think again. What you want to look for is the proper moment when the monster leaves itself defenseless, albeit temporarily. Usually the opportunity becomes available after a certain attack and the beast stalls for a moment (a spit attack, for example, can be easily dodged, leaving the monster vulnerable). That’s your cue to go in and attack before it regains composure.  

Use higher ground for additional damage

Several locations in each hunting field have ledges and walls you can climb. These create an opportunity for your Hunter to execute midair attacks that cause greater damage. In order to perform a midair attack, simply dash to leap off a ledge, or drop from a wall (press B) and then attack (X) while airborne. Try luring monsters to a lower level and use higher ground to your advantage. Remember, if your strike lines up properly, you might open the chance of mounting the beast.

X marks the spot

We already mentioned in our Beginner’s Tips how important it is to use Paintballs. Marking your target with a Paintball is a must in the wild, since many monsters tend to retreat after sustaining enough damage. We found Monster Horns to be less efficient; they may not catch the attention of the monster you’re looking for. Nothing’s worse than spending a great deal of time wounding a monster, only to lose sight of it.

Grab supplies while they last

Beside potions and status buffs, you always want to bring along the supply bonuses from the Supply Box located at the field entrance. These items vary per quest (besides the Map), but are always relevant for monster hunting. They come at no expense.

Stay on the hurt

When monsters retreat, you’ll have to pursue them. Do not waste any time – follow it! Monsters abandon battles usually because they’re injured (hinted by limping or breathing heavily), and are looking for a place to rest and heal their wounds. Other times they flee the battle at random. Approach them while they rest, preferably with a jumping or strong attack since they’re vulnerable.

Strike the sweet spot

Whatever you do, attack certain areas of the monster’s body. Most monsters have specific weak points. For instance, you may have a chance to break a monster’s jaw if you consistently attack its head. If you attack blindly, you’ll waste time wearing down your weapon, and cause an unnecessarily long fight.

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