Monopoly GO: How to Get the ‘Lady of the Lake’ 4-Star Sticker

Hopefully this card won't kidnap you.

Screenshot of the Lady of the Lake sticker in Monopoly GO.
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Sticker collecting is serious business in Monopoly GO, not just because it’s fun but because hefty rewards are involved. Some Stickers are rarer than others, though, so don’t expect to finish your collection within a few days. This includes the Lady of the Lake 4-Star Sticker, which is a part of the King Arthur set and can be difficult to find. Here’s how to get it.

How to Get the ‘Lady of the Lake’ Sticker in Monopoly GO

There are two ways of obtaining the Lady of the Lake 4-Star Sticker in Monopoly GO:

  • From Sticker Packs.
  • By trading for it with another player.

Trading for it with a fellow Monopoly GO player is the only surefire way of obtaining the Sticker. While you can pull it from Sticker Packs, it is a random chance, so you could open 500 packs and never see it.

You can pull the Lady of the Lake from any rarity Sticker Pack, though 4-Star and 4-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Packs will increase your odds. In my experience, though, it’s much easier to advertise your spare Stickers and see if anyone will trade you the Lady of the Lake.

How to Trade For the ‘Lady of the Lake’ Sticker in Monopoly GO

The best way to set up a trade with another Monopoly GO player is to visit a social media page dedicated to Sticker trading. I recommend the following:

Once you’ve found a trade partner and have established a deal for the Lady of the Lake Sticker, you’ll need to add them to your friend list, either via their Invite link or theirs. To find your Invite link, click on “Friends” to the right of the GO dice roll button, then select the green “Invite” button, and choose to either copy the link or share via Facebook.

There’s no way to do a direct swap, so ensure you can trust your trade partner. With them added to your friend’s list, click on “Album” and then find the Sticker you’re looking to trade. Select it and then click on “Send to Friend.” They’ll need to the same in return for you with the Lady in the Lake Sticker.

All King Arthur Set Stickers in Monopoly GO

There are nine Stickers in the King Arthur set, which is the 13th Sticker set in Monopoly GO:

  • Future King – 1-Star.
  • Wizarding – 2-Star.
  • Merlin’s Test – 2-Star.
  • Excalibur – 2-Star.
  • Arturic Crown – 3-Star.
  • Knight Tale – 3-Star.
  • Happily Ever After – 4-Star.
  • Lady of the Lake – 4-Star.
  • Camelot – 3-Star.

What Do You Get if You Complete the King Arthur Sticker Set?

While every Sticker set gives you some reward for completing it, the King Arthur set is definitely worth trying to finish. You get the following for collecting every Sticker in the King Arthur set in Monopoly GO:

  • 450 dice rolls.
  • 24.2 million cash.
  • Cyclops Token.

You have until December 1, 2023, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, to complete the set and gain the King Arthur rewards.

If you’re trying to complete your Sticker collection but are missing some rare Gold ones, here’s how to get Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO.

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