Monopoly GO: How to Get More Spooky Car Event Tokens

Grab more tokens and build some cars!

Monopoly GO how to get Spooky Car event tokens
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Monopoly GO’s Spooky Car partner event is live, and with it are some little wheel tokens to collect and use to build some cars. Here’s how to get more Spooky Car event tokens in Monopoly GO.

How to Get More Spooky Car Event Tokens in Monopoly GO

There are multiple ways to get more Spooky Car event tokens in Monopoly GO:

  1. Collect wheel tokens around the Monopoly board
  2. Complete Quick Wins
  3. Finish limited-time event levels

Collect Monopoly Board Wheel Tokens

As you roll dice and travel around the Monopoly board, you’ll encounter small wheel tokens you can pick up to gain points toward the Spooky Car partner event. As you pick one up, another will appear on the board, allowing you to infinitely gain tokens as long as you’re rolling dice and landing on the token tiles.

Complete Daily Quick Wins

Each day, you’ll find a list of quick wins contributing to a weekly milestone counter, rewarding you with sticker packs, free dice rolls, and other prizes. Each quick win you complete during the Spooky Car partner event gives you wheel tokens, allowing you to get some daily as a bonus reward.

Finish Limited-Time Event Levels

Another way to get Spooky Car tokens is to complete limited-time event levels like Spooky Soiree. While not every milestone grants you these wheel tokens, you’ll regularly gain some as you obtain points, giving you the opportunity to get hundreds of Spooky Car points in a relatively short time.

Good luck getting your hands on Spooky Car event tokens in Monopoly GO! If you wish to get more dice to travel around the board, check out our Monopoly GO free dice rolls links list, or click the game tag below to browse our growing article collection.

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