Monopoly GO: All Spooky Soiree Event Rewards Listed

An event full of ghosts, skeletons, and other spooky shenanigans

Monopoly GO Spooky Soiree event rewards
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Recently, Monopoly GO has featured a wide range of events fitting for the month, particularly with haunted events like Bewitching Bash. Here’s the complete list of every Spooky Soiree event reward in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Spooky Soiree Event Rewards and Task List

Monopoly GO’s Spooky Soiree event features 49 rewards and lasts three days. You’ll collect points by landing on four specific tiles, and after reaching each milestone, you’ll gain rewards ranging from free dice to gold sticker packs. You can also collect Spooky Car partner event tokens, allowing you to gain additional prizes.

Below is every Spooky Soiree event reward and their required points:

Spooky Soiree Event Rewards: Levels 1-10

Spooky Soiree LevelPoints NeededRewards
1570 Spooky Car event tokens
21010 free dice rolls
410One-Star Sticker Pack
55560 free dice rolls
615100 Spooky Car event tokens
820One-Star Sticker Pack
925120 Spooky Car event tokens
10150180 free dice
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Spooky Soiree Event Rewards: Levels 11-20

Spooky Soiree LevelPoints NeededRewards
1235150 Spooky Car event tokens
1335One-Star Sticker Pack
1440180 Spooky Car event tokens
15300375 free dice rolls
1850Two-Star Sticker Pack
1955200 Spooky Car event tokens
20600775 free dice rolls
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Spooky Soiree Event Rewards: Levels 21-30

Spooky Soiree LevelPoints NeededRewards
2260Three-Star Sticker Pack
2365225 Spooky Car event tokens
251,0001,200 free dice rolls
27100Two-Star Sticker Pack
Guaranteed Gold Sticker
28110250 Spooky Car event tokens
29125100 free dice rolls
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Spooky Soiree Event Rewards: Levels 31-40

Spooky Soiree LevelPoints NeededRewards
31175300 Spooky Car event tokens
32250175 free dice rolls
33300Four-Star Sticker Pack
351,6001,700 free dice rolls
37600Four-Star Sticker Pack
403,0003,000 free dice rolls
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

Spooky Soiree Event Rewards: Levels 41-49

Spooky Soiree LevelPoints NeededRewards
42900Five-Star Sticker Pack
43950700 free dice rolls
451,0001,500 free dice rolls
471,400Four-Star Stick Pack
Guaranteed Gold Sticker
496,0007,000 dice rolls
Four-Star Stick Pack
Guaranteed Gold Sticker
Credit: Monopoly GO Discord Server

As usual, the event starts easy and only requires a few points, with later levels rapidly ramping up the difficulty. You can use dice multipliers to increase the points you gain from landing on event spots, with powerups like High Roller increasing your roll limit further.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Spooky Soiree Event

Scoring points in Monopoly GO’s Spooky Soiree event requires landing on the board’s four corner tiles. Below are the four tiles that grant you points during the event:

  • Go
  • Visiting jail
  • Free Parking
  • Jail

Landing on any of these four spots gives you four base points, with dice multipliers increasing this value. Use your dice roll multipliers carefully to maximize your points as you approach these corner tiles.

When Does the Spooky Soiree Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Spooky Soiree event ends on Monday, October 30, 2023, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, giving you three days to complete it before another one begins. Most events last two to four days, with partner events and other miscellaneous ones lasting anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

What Is the Spooky Soiree Event in Monopoly GO?

Spooky Soiree is a limited-time, three-day Monopoly GO event you can access by tapping the event banner on the top-center of your screen. Here, you’ll see your event progress, how close you are to the next milestone, and what tiles grant you points. It also shows how long you have left to play the event and gain rewards.

During this particular event, you can also gain event tokens for the Spooky Cars partner event running from October 27 to November 1. Unlike Spooky Soiree, Spooky Cars allows you to collaborate with friends to build cars, providing you with five rewards per car and a grand prize once all of them are finished.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS if you want to share some joy with others, check out how to send sticker stars to friends in Monopoly GO, or click the game’s tag below to browse our growing content list.

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